SplinterLand daily quest - New achievement 'Gold 1'

in #spt2 years ago


With 2 day to season end i achieve the league gold 1 🤗, no easy but not hard... Today was a normal day, the quest are the 'Without neutral cards' i took 11 games to complete(in rank 2500 it's are better than i expect). Time to say the rewards cards, uhuuu i gain one gold card, yep, it's common card But it's gold like my rank xd 😉.


1x Sea Genie
1x Prismatic Energy
1x Sea Monster
1x Undead Minotaur - Gold Version
1x Vampire
2x Rusty Android
1x Creeping Ooze


Rank 2551 Gold 1
Dec 1056

Collection Price is rising, almost 100 dollar(I started with nothing, zero investment Only the $10 from stated pack than i buy to be able to play), SplinterLand is a excellent investment after all, in a minus than a year my account price rise more than 1000%:


Report of 13 December 2019!


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