SplinterLands - End of season

in #spt2 years ago

This season i expected climb to diamond league, so close(i reached 2679), but it's are not possible with mine cards i think, gold 1 it's fine to me, 30 cards aren't bad end all...

Let i tell you a fun fact, few months ago i thought than the season rewards was you current rank, but i was wrong, it is are based on highest rank achieved(Who read the small letters xD). It's a relief, because to do the quest of day was so painful, specially in the end of season!

Now i let i report about my daily quest, lucky the day quest are the water splinter(my most played deck), it's took me 12 games to complete(LoL, all day this is the average).

My Reward card:

1x Prismatic
1x Exploding dwarf
2x Creeping Ooze
1x Undead Minotaur
1x Wood Nymph
1x Battle Orca
1x Highland Archer


Rank 2523 Gold 1
Dec 1406

Report of day 14 December 2019!