I played my first SteemMonsters Tournament | Now I can try for a @steemfest ticket on August 11th

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Guys, you won't believe this, but I had never joined an @steemmonsters tournament until 23 hours ago! This all has to do with the amazing @steemmonsters team plus @blocktrades sponsoring one @steemfest ticket including accommodation (!) for the winner of the tournament on August 11th. Yesterday's tournament was sort of a placement session, whereby the 8 'best' players continue to The Big Match on August 11th.

There are three more rounds that you can still join if you want to be a contender for one of those juicy @steemfest tickets as well: read @anomadsoul's post for all the details and dates.

  • 1st Qualifier: July 14th at 22:00 UTC
  • 2nd Qualifier: July 21st at 17:00 UTC
  • 3rd Qualifier: July 28th at 12:00 UTC
  • 4th Qualifier: August 4th at 7:00 UTC

As I mentioned in the last post, having some financial 'luck' this time around is needed if I want to make it to Bangkok. Now two amazing Steemians have showed amazing support and are willing to donate me some of their hard-earned STEEM to help me get there - but next to that, having ticket and accommodation in the pocket would make my doubts about going to Bangkok in November turn from a 'hmmm maybe' to a definite 'yes'. So of course I had to try!

So how did it go?

Well, apparently very well! I didn't know exactly what to expect, but the steemmonsters.com website (ref link) pretty much takes you through the whole set-up quite intuitively: you sign up beforehand, you check in 15 minutes before the tournament starts, and after a count-down, you'll automatically get matched with a player. After 3 rounds (sometimes only 2 rounds are necessary) you continue to the next round or can stop playing because you lost against your opponent. You'll get matched with another opponent and play another 3 rounds. And so on...

I ended 6th yesterday, which secured a spot for The Big Match \0/

Will I win?

Probably not, people like @louis88 are very fanatical and experienced players, and I'd have to win from him at least to be named best player and win the price. But, one thing that the organizers did well is to cap the placement rounds at Silver Rank and not allow Legendary cards, so more inexperienced and less 'card wealthy' players have a change too. In the end, a small amount of luck comes in play in this game as well, so...

I think it's worth a try.

I have no idea yet on the rules for The Big Match on August 11th, but I'm hoping they keep these reasonable as well so there's a shot for everyone to win fairly.

The only worry I have for now is that the price/ticket is non-transferrable and there's no way to know or check who the players are and if they are indeed planning on seriously going to Bangkok after winning. So that's something for the organization to figure out on checking, maybe before handing out the price, and if the winner declines, it goes to the one in second place, etc.

Some screenshots from playing a tournament

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 23.37.13.png

Lost one game, won 2, went on to the next round

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 23.45.09.png

Lost 2 - game over - but I made it to the Top 8 which was all that was needed. FOR NOW.

Long story short: if you're planning to go to SteemFest but could use a bit of financial support join the tournament on steemmonsters.com (ref link) and see if you can get lucky!


I will check the contest again. :)

Glad to know you played a tournament at least, wasn't it so fan? I just completed one tourney and got 3 Steem for 6th place. there was also a forum you might know monsters.tokenbb.io for different topics. I have earned around 500 steem from @steemmonsters tournaments. You can't believe that I am so close to breakeven and so thinking to buy some cards or packs. I see some cards were traded for 0.80 USD a few months or weeks ago, today I sold it for 4 USD. The top player on SM is now from our country who I think will get a lot of earning just using his skill and he was hired with a 50% share of all earning. I think it is still impressive earning for lots of people. So maybe many big investors are investing in it and hiring people. I was informed someone hired 250 people just to play SM with his cards.

I think these small cards going to change the faith of many people. I will love to play against you soon if you keep playing. :)

Oh wow, I didn't know people were doing so well with steemmonsters, to earn that much - impressive!!! Yes, there's a lot of trading to be done with cards as well, for now I just hold all my Alpha Cards, I really like them and see them as an investment :-) The beta packs will be 'sold out' in a few months time as well - maybe the price of these is going up too :-)

Yes, let's play against each other @azizbd, is it possible to invite someone to a match? :D Cheers!

All the best with your collections:) I am sure they will help to gain good profit.

The challenge option is available on the website, we just need to choose the level of cards we want to use and players. before the automated tournament, we were using the challenge option to play each other and host of the tournament was checking manually who is winning and sending a prize. I will love to play may be a long time we didn't face each other? :D

Hahaha - I don't know how to do it, but if you can set it up sounds fun! :D

Well, you just need to stay online on @steemmonsters and you will get a popup message that @Azizbd sent you a challenge, "Accept" or "reject" . When I am sending the challenge to you, I need to select which level of cards I want to use. I am not sure your cards level if they are gold or diamond level, I can send diamond level challenge and if you accept within 10 minutes then you have 2 minutes to make team and fight against me. I found I can put 1 beta pack there which means winner will get 1 beta pack if I set it there :)


I actually sent you the challenge there :) if you respond, we will play gold level challenge.

Good for you, @soyrosa. I actually saw this and promoted it on one of my blog's share2steem posts and I have a monsters account with a lot of cards I have won. But I have never once played the game!!! I guess I should try next week :)

:D If you have some cards it really can't hurt to play someday just to see if you like it!

Maybe - I am not much of a game player, but I do want to get to steemfest since I am in malaysia now.

I guess I must be the only one all over the platform who haven't played a single game yet huh? :(

Not?! As in not even a 'normal' battle? :D I'm not a fanatic player but sometimes I like playing a few 'quests' and see what card I can win :D

Nothing...nada. Do i have to have a deck to enter the daily quests?I think I only have a starter pack(?) The one with the 30 cards

Starter pack is enough! :D You start in the 'lower ranks' and if you get the hang of it and win more cards you can level up some cards to make them stronger.
General guidelines: you pick one Summoner, then the Summoner decides which team your 'monsters' (those that fight) come from, and for most games it's smart to put at least a tank in front (one with high amount of 'hearts', so it can take a beating :D) and a ranged card in the back (like archers, that can do long-distance shots).

There's much more to tell but just to get you started :-)

No worries, if I start playing and have any sort of difficulties get ready for spam questions on discord :)

Yes, feel welcome :D ENJOY!

All this steem monster talk is like a foreign language to me have no idea what people are talking about. 😣

Fingers crossed for you...go girl!

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I have playing in these tournaments since the beginning and can tell you that a 6th place finish is really good! Shows that you may have some potential playing more often! Good luck on the Steemfest draw!

the girl is in gaming!

I really find these kinds of initiatives so cool, seeing tickets given away all around and that is just the beauty of the community!

beat the boys there you because we NEED to meet up!

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