Splinterlands Facebook & Telegram Report!

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What a great week it has been in Splinterlands! We received many new members in Telegram and even Facebook! In Telegram, we now have 773 members! The Facebook group has 394 members. The Facebook Page has 367 likes. Thanksgiving is a nice American holiday during the Fall season that I love! It is coming up next Thursday and I'd like to have a giveaway of a Lord Arianthus! The Mighty Lord A! It is one of my favorite cards to have and is worth a nice $10! I have about 30 and I am more than happy to give away one of them to you in the giveaway! All you have to do is join our Telegram and like the Facebook page and let us all know in the comments what you are grateful for in Splinterlands. All the people who do this will be eligible to win a Lord A in a random drawing to be held next week! The one lucky winner will be announced in next week's post.

I am grateful for the awesome return of investment it gives me every time I win a tournament or open up a super great valuable card in a pack. Also, every time I check my card collection value and see it has gone up! It makes the game so much more fun to me. Splinterlands is not only fun to battle but the market side of the game is exceptionally fun for me. I love crypto gaming and Splinterlands is my favorite crypto game out there! I also am grateful for the awesome community here. All of you fellow Monster addicts make this place a great place to be! Thanks for being here!

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Splinterlands Discord HERE

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Splinterlands Official Facebook Page HERE

Splinterlands Telegram HERE

Immortal Gods IG - HERE

YouTube Splinterlands Content - HERE

Splinterlands 3Speak Community - HERE

Splinterlands Dtube Content - HERE

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  • A big thank you to @Flauwy for the awesome Splinterlands community dividers! You can use them to make your Splinterlands posts shine here!

Have a great day in Splinterlands everyone!

I wish you luck in your battles and daily quest rewards!

I will see you all on the battlefield!

May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Splinterlands Rep


Gratefull for the hours of fun I had last year. Had lots of fun watching my battles leaving you sometimes behind with a “WTF just happened” expression on my face staring to my screen when I just lost/won a battle unexpected🤣 Not to forget tournaments, the excitement when you just survived it to the next round🎉

But the best is interaction had lots of phonecalls with @dboontje about what team to play best with certain rulesets, thanks for those hours buddy!🤙

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That is awesome! Make sure to like the FB page! You have then entered the Lord A giveaway! Good luck!

I already liked the Facebook page long time ago👍 The way to follow the news around Splinterlands😅

aah... I remember around a month ago @philippekiene told me about splinterlands and gave me a starter pack.
and now I am like a sort of addictive to it. It's really fun. I like that
yesterday I was heading to another city for some business stuff and it was a 9-hour journey and I was playing the game for around 3-hour and didn't even get bored (I have to leave coz my capture rate went low.....lol)

That is a great thing! Good luck in the giveaway and make sure to like to FB page!

hey, mate @clove,
I really liked the page so, I already liked the page.

Also, I checked the 5 mins ago a post on altcoinbuzz. It's great... Really awesome

I will have to Enter this Tonight. I would Love to WIN the Lord A, it is Such a Great Card in the Game. @steemmonsters

Great! Just like the FB page and you are all set! Good luck in the Lord A giveaway!

I love it! Going there now!!!
I am grateful to Splinterlands for all the enjoyable and challenging game it has provided so many of us!

You are great! I am going to tip you another 50 DEC now LOL! Great job! Good luck!

This game makes me laugh a lot even cry hahaha. Theach me about investment and the amazing uses of cryptocurrencies and NFT.

This incredible universe that we can create is possible on this blockchain.
Lord Arianthus meme.png
Also I need a Lord A! I don't have any LOl😛.

Make sure to like the FB page and then you will be entered! Good luck!

Upss.... I forgot. I use more steem that Facebook. Lol

Me too, LOL!

Thanks for the FB like and recommendation! Good luck with the giveaway!

I am grateful for the incredible support of the veteran players who take the time to assist new rookies luke myself. You collectively bring a sense of community to the game.

Grateful for the tournaments, none of my decks are competitive for the higher leagues but always fun to play against experienced players and watch their strategy to attack you. This way I do learn a lot and I hope to be able to climb up in the rankings this way to become a champion one day!

Those are fun! Make sure to like the FB page and then you are entered in the Lord A giveaway! Good luck!

I'm grateful for in Splinterlands and the awesome community. Thanks for keeping a good effort into making it as best as possible. Looking forward for the untamed and mobile app.

Good luck everyone on the upcoming weekend tournaments.

P.S. don't forget your chicken!

the lord a giveaway it's cool :)

guess I subscribed everywhere!
Just wanted to say that splinterlands is one of the most important forces that supports and engage people in STEEM! Thanks for that! And let the universe lead you guys in the right direction! xoxo

guess i will mention my latest fb post regarding the game

Awesome! Good luck with the Lord A giveaway! You are entered!

I'm grateful for the Splinterlands community and the new friends gained from playing the game.
I love the residual Steem payments from card rentals and the affiliate link.
I am grateful for the Rexxie hat from what was the Steem Monsters merch store. I wear it all the time, not just at Steem meetings or in DTube videos.

I love the challenge of the 14 day tournament and the rewards cards.
I am grateful for the Kickstarter rewards as well.

But the best part is that I get to be a part of this journey at the beginning and it's only going to get better.

I agree! You are entered in the giveaway and good luck!

I am grateful that years of hard work posting on Steem have not been evaporated by the crypto winter. Instead I have shifted most of my earnings into Splinterlands early on and so I was able to actually grow instead of shrinking. This game is the only financially successful thing I have ever been part of and for that I am incredibly happy and excited to be an early adopter.

You are Awesome! I am glad you are here, the Splinterlands community is lucky to have you here! Good luck with the Lord A giveaway!

I sure hope the Dr finds a cure soon for my SteemMonsters addiction!!! In the meantime I'll be hanging out with my Lord A taking over splinteruniverse!


Awesome! I see you there and just tipped you 50 DEC! You have now entered in the Lord A giveaway! Good luck!

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Splinterland is the best card game since magic that starts it all

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The great game, I involved friends and got new ones. And some have already shown their creative abilities) For example, him:
(and it's only the first probe, he told us that will go to improve the design and technology