Splinterlands Card Review New Rewards Cards Commons Part 2

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This one will cover the other new common reward cards. If you missed the first post check it out here You have sometime to still enter the giveaway that is on that post. You know that my reviews reward someone for reading it. Make sure to let me know what you think and I will pick one random person that does this to win 500 DEC.


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Warrior of Peace is an odd card. For any card with 7 cost to have no attack seems like it won't be good. But he can have all the debuff abilities. Also, 14 life is a lot on a team that can give him armor and heal him. I have to say that a peaceful giant is better for the games with no abilities but this one is good for a high mana match with abilities. To weaken most or all of the other person attackers is nice. I still worry that even with 14 life he will die fast. See you need to have a higher mana team to use him. Then he will face a lot of attackers. Yet he has no void or shield. So I worry he will get killed fast. I also don't like cards that don't attack very often. So I am not in a hurry to level up this one. Let me know if you think you can use him in a good way.


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Undead Rexx is a nice high-cost card for big mana matches when melee can attack from a position. He has good speed and high attack with a nice hp number. Trample and Stun are both good abilities. I am not sure he will work as a main tank very often. 9 is just a lot and he also has no defense helping abilities. Still, he gets that 6 attack point at only level 6. So I expect you will see him on the battlefield. I still think it will need to be a higher mana match. Like in the 30s or more. He is a nice bit attacker for the death team. As not all have the Lord of Darkness and he was the only other big cost attacker. One thing about this card is when he hits a stun or get a trample it will be big in the fight. Might even just win it for you.


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Flame Monkey is a fun little card for the fire team. It is always nice to have a 1 cost card that you can sneak into a low mana match or add into match that you have one mana left. He won't do much attacking so don't worry about that one attack. He is around to repair. He will need to be level 5 before he is really useful. After that, he will be able to be a big part of the fire armor team. The fire team has a lot of good cards with armor. This card will make those teams a lot better. Think about all the times you have a few guys with armor and this guy heals it and they have to hit again. Good old life trick is now on the fire team. I am not good with fire but after I level this guy that might change. It is a whole new way to play them. All 1 cost cards are worth leveling but this one is for sure. If you play at the max level he will also speed up the team. Fire is already fast and combo this with Flame Imp and your team will be really fast.


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Wave Runner is a nice addition to the team. They didn't have a reach monster that is this good. He gets fast and good attack for 5 cost. For a common he gets reach, knockout and snare. Those are all good abilities and knockout is a good combo with medusa. Hitting for double damage if the guy is stunned. Water needed a reach card that easy to get. Eels are also a good card but from the orbs. So they cost more and are harder to level up. I like that now you can get this guy and feel good that you have a nice card to use in a lot of matches. Snare is sneaky good on a guy with good speed. It is always nice to bring down a flyer so you don't miss as much and in an earthquake game, it makes them die faster. Given he doesn't fly but water has ways to give him armor and keep him alive for a bit so might be able to use him. It is nice you get all the skills at level 9. But that last attack point is for the pros.

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Once again they give us good solid cards. All of these can be used in matches for sure. I just need to hope that I get a lot more in my loot chest. I also see the value of the newest ones being higher. As it is a lot harder to get these cards now. Back soon with more about this great game. Thanks @splinterlands.

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Congrats to @drjpooch thanks for adding so much to my post.

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A great read and thanks for offering your view on the new rewards cards. I agree with you on most of it.
I have noticed lately there seems to be a lot of cards coming out with 0 attack . Don’t underestimate these cards they can strengthen your team greatly if used correctly.
The wave runner is a good card but as I have my Alric leveled up to level 5 it makes more sense most of the time to put in an extra magic card as you get the attack bonus. Not sure how much I will use it.
I can’t wait to see how these cards go and how I can use them to strengthen my team.
Anyways thanks again for sharing,
Have an awesome day!

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Lots of good points thanks for adding to the review.

Nice review!


I love the artwork on Undead Rex but I guess good artwork doesn't win games :P

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It is a cool looking card for sure.

It's disappointing that these cards only seem to be useful at the higher levels.

Yes, they have okay base stats to start but need to be higher to have the abilities that make them good. Yet they are not that much money. This is a game you have to invest in to get to the high ranks.

Nice reviews !!!

Thank you

Five mana cost is too much for wave runner. He will not be used very often. Eel is much better with splash but ..... Wave runner will be useful in odd cards out and 99 mana match.

I agree that Eel steems better. But a knock combo is stronger than people think. Also, Eel is harder to get.

@stever82, In my opinion Wave 🌊 Runner 🏃 is reflecting as Effective and Economical card. Keep up with this Review Work brother. Stay blessed.

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Thanks, buddy.


Whoooohoooo! Thanks @stever82. Just catching up on Steemit after a few days. :)


Thanks for sharing these new Rewards !monster writeups. As for Undead Rexx -- I scored a Gold in a Loot Chest a few days ago.... I've found myself using him on Odd Only matches and Melee Only quite a few times.... at least if the match mana is high enough. Keep up the good work. :)

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Cool glad you saw it. I hope you get a few more of a card you like. Or one haha. That is the way I see him used in the game. Good Luck this time.