Another Great Pack of Orbs Courtesy of 100% Mystery Potion......I Like Getting More Value Via Legendarys

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I know STEEM is Still Only a Little Over .16 per Token Currently but at Least I Got Another Legendary Card To Add To My Steemmonsters Stable...........

I Know the Name of The Game Was Changed to Splinterlands but STEEMMONSTERS Just Rolls off The Tip of My Tongue More Smoothly...........

I Like The Monsters so I am Going To Still Refer to The Game as STEEMMONSTERS, if You don't Like it Too BAD, So Says The Honey Badger......

In Fact Honey Badger Would Make a GREAT STEEMMONSTER Card, I'm Just Thinking Out Loud !!

OK, so This is What I Got in my Pack of Orbs That I Received This Morning Courtesy of my 100% MYSTERY Potion.......
Screenshot_2019-08-30 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

Nice Pack with a Couple of RARE Undead Archers and a Very Nice LEGENDARY Minotaur Warrior, Worth a Little Over $5.00 in the Monster Market Place.............

Last Day of The Season and Looking Forward to my Rewards Cards Tonight and Lets See If We Can Garner Some Gold Foils..........

Battle On Splinterland Warriors............

SPOT Price of SILVER is $18.52 on August 30, 2019 as I do This Post, We Are At Two Year Highs on The Price of SILVER, Keep on Stackin' !!!

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Also Support all of the Silver & Gold Stackers as well as #steemsilvergold !!!

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I have a greater appreciation for SM through your posts, @stokjockey.

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It does make it Interesting @silversaver888

Great orb pack buddy. I've stopped buying then since I discovered you can buy individual cards with DEC.

This Pack that I opened Up was courtesy of The 100% Mystery Potion I bought with DEC earlier this Week....@welshstacker
By The way is the ssg-community Vote Not Working this Morning ??? @welshstacker

Congrats, my mystery gave me am orb and a beta pack. I did get 1 gold in the orb. Today, had to smash back down on day three with a highland archer.... I need to hit some of those legendary promo cards, they look great!

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As The Price of DEC goes Higher It may be Harder to Buy The Mystery Potion unless you think about the Trade Off in Value. @senstless

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