I Just Got Eliminated but Not Before I Won 20,000 DEC Tokens in The UNTAMED Crowd Funding Closing Celebration Tournament

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Just Got done with The Biggest Steemmonsters AKA (Splinterlands) Tournament I have Ever Played In, 414 Monster Players Started and I Made it Through Five Rounds of Play..............

I Was Able to Get by some of The Best Monster Players in Splinterlands and Then I ran into @Korea.test and was Finally Stopped in 21st Place........Screenshot_2019-11-07 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png
For my Efforts I Won More DEC Tokens Than I have Ever Won in any Other Steemmonsters Tournament, 20,000 DEC Tokens !!!

Here is the Breakdown for What Each of the TOP 32 Players got in DEC Tokens for Their Effort...........
Screenshot_2019-11-07 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (1).png

Screenshot_2019-11-07 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (2).png

This Was a Lot of FUN and I have got to TIP my Hat to The Founders @aggroed and @yabapmatt for Creating such a Great Game and another Great Way to Build my Wealth with NFT (Non Fungible Tokens), Keep The Monsters Coming Fella's I am Looking Forward to a Big Future........

Untamed Starts Tomorrow Are You Ready ??

If you enjoy content such as this then please feel free to UP Vote........

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Also Support all of the Silver & Gold Stackers as well as #steemsilvergold !!!


As a member of our @battlegames Discord You've probably also won an UNTAMED Pack with your 21st place finish!
Details here! --> https://steempeak.com/battle/@battlegames/win-bonus-splinterlands-untamed-packs

I Think you may be Right and if that is the case then just another Cherry On Top !! @battlegames


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Congratulations, @stokjockey! When one is rewarded, then it is worth the effort, Win or loose . Enjoy your day, take care🌺🤙

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Thank you Ms.Saver......I always make the Effort

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Got only two cards and never played the game. Gonna upvote anyway 🙂🍫

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Thank you @kerrislravenhill I appreciate the Comment and support.........

I signed up to join the tournament with about 7 hours to spare.... Then like most parents, completely got sidetracked by trying to stop 1/2pint from killing himself in a million and one ways, only to get to the tournament 1 minute past the start.... FFS!! I'm not saying I would have won, but with silver league rules, I definitely feel I would have had the game play to make top 30 and take home 20k DEC.

Congratulations buddy, I watched a few of the battles. Once I get my summoners in order I look forward to kicking your ass!!

Now That is EXACTLY what I was Worried about When I went to Sleep last Night is that I might not Wake Up in time for the Start. I actually woke up like 17 minutes before is started. Lucky Me

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