I Think the Mystery Potion is Worth It, Especially When You Get a Legendary Summoner........

in #sptlast year

I Just Got a BETA Pack of Steemmonsters to Open Up since I Bought Some of The Mystery Potion Last Night........

I Got a Pretty Good Card when I Opened This Pack...........

Plado Emberstorm Legendary Summoner .......... Currently Worth a Little Over $14.00 in The Monster Marketplace.

Now That Was a Good Trade Off for Some of My Dark Energy Crystals.............
Screenshot_2019-08-19 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png
I May Not Be Making That Much Blogging Currently Because of The Price of STEEM but That is OK Since There Other Crypto Benefits Besides Just Blogging.........

Splinterlands Are You in The Game ??

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Congrats buddy, smashing pull. I got like 3 common reward cards the last time I did it.

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I know it's been pretty Good for Me. @senstless

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That's a great card and you got it from a mystery potion. Happy days buddy. That card alone has paid for the potion.

Yes I Bought the Mystery Potion 100% last night and for 6000 DEC I was not Really Sure it if Was Worth It. Now I Know that it Was Worth It. Thank You for Your Thoughts @welshstacker

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