One More Piece of GOLD on #PirateSunday.........A Chicken in Every Pot ??

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I Have Probably Had a Better #PirateSunday Than I Deserve and Thanks to The Creators of Steemmonsters @aggroed and @yabapmatt and The Evolution of Mystery POTIONS I keep Getting GOLD !!

Checkout What I Got Just Now Tonight for My MYSTERY REWARD Card..........
Screenshot_2019-11-03 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle (2).png

I Know a lot of Times I Wonder if it is Really Worth Buying The Potions, well I am Here to Tell You that I Certainly Think So besides Getting ORB's Packs and the BEST Summoner in the Game a Few Weeks Ago, Archmage Arius......

Are You Ready for the UNTAMED ?? I Really Am and Splinterlands Gets Better and Better !!!

If You have Not Purchased Some POTIONS do It and See if You can Get Some GOLD !!!

Also Enjoy #PirateSunday with Me Each and Every Sunday, Arrrgh !!!

If you enjoy content such as this then please feel free to UP Vote........

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Also Support all of the Silver & Gold Stackers as well as #steemsilvergold !!!


I love this golden chicken!

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Thanks it is Pretty Cool

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Perfect reward, @stokjockey! What fun! Have a great evening, my friend and take care. 🤗😍🌺🤙

Thank You my Sweet Pirate Mate and #PirateSunday Guard of the GOLD BOOTY ! @silversaver888

That is a nice card! A nice post too, I will be sending it a SM upvote!

I appreciate it and Thank you for all you do for Steemmonsters...

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Upvote for Calico Jack Rackem's Jolly, been a crazy week for me. Sorry for not having a post for #piratesunday.

No Worries I am Just Grateful for All of the Support that You and Ms. Saver Give to Pirate Silver !!!
We Just Keep on adding to the Booty !!!

OMG !! Soooo Lucky!!! Congrats My friend!👹👍👍👍
You Must Be:

It is Always Fun watching the cards Turn to Gold, Thank you @karenmckersie

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Especially when their good ones! Your welcome and good night!😴👹

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Yes, Good Ones are so much fun especially GOLD



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吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


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