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RE: This Could Be My Best Reward Ever: Oh My!

in #sptlast year

@slobberchops is a god send when it comes to this game of #splinterlands I haven't had a chance to thank him for his kind support and gifts, but I will soon.
I recently started playing and I think I am now finally getting it. I recently made Silver II, after some serious game play with the help from some of the cards that were gifted to me.
Have fun and take care.


Yes, I had my fair share of god sent angels to help me out. Steemdan is one of them. Unfortunately maybe I am not as good yet so I am still far from being really good at levelling up even with level 2 Fire summoners haha.

I've had to level up my summoners and some other cards which really helped too!

Yes, so I have learned... I am not having enough to level up yet... I guess I need more smart battles to earn enough DEC or write some really good posts for some STEEM to get some nice dough to juice up my cards...