Don't forget where you put your money (or Steem Monster cards)!

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I created an alternate account called @detour that was meant to focus on some topics that do not match with the general theme of my @sumatranate account.

The problem with alt-accounts is that they require time and effort (just as much time and effort as a main account). My personal problem is that I barely have enough time to grow my main account, so @detour was placed to the side (sadly living in the Steem universe with just one post and some forgotten Steem Monster transactions).

Fact Checking My Self

A few days ago, I posed the question "Are Steem Monster Daily Quests a good investment?" I wanted to run a few simple tests to check some statements I had made, from the perspective of a new Steem Monster user

I believe I spoke truthfully but I want to make sure that no one misunderstood how much patience is required to build a deck with little to no initial fiat investment.

Statement #1 - I can increase the overall value of my account without spending more fiat.

This statement is true after you purchase or are gifted a starter pack. The process is will be slow, however, very slow.

A player in the Bronze III league earns 1 card for each daily reward and will earn 5 cards at the end of the season. Of course, as you advance in the leagues you have the ability to earn more cards, but as you advance leagues, higher level cards will be required to win battler.

Statement #2 - I am rewarded for each win.

Again this is a true statement, but it is important to realize that you earn more DEC at higher leagues.

I earned less than 1 DEC per victory, even though I was fighting with almost an entirely GOLD foil team (which increases the amount of DEC a player potentially receives).

Forgotten Treasures

I am glad I decided to fact check some of my statements, because I had (re)discovered some forgotten treasures. Like I had mentioned earlier, I had used @detour to play Steem Monster battles, but had consolidated two decks to make my @sumatranate account stronger. To get a feel for where I left this account, I clicked the cards link, and ....

Look at what I found!

4 Legendary Summoners - one from each splinter
Close to $80 worth of cards at today's market value

leg summoners.png

Wow! Awesome! $80? What?! How stupid can I be to forget about these cards?

Protect Your Investments

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies sometimes feel like the Wild, Wild West. With all of the keys to remember and sometimes alternative accounts, it is easy to forget where you are storing your assets. And although I was excited to see these 4 cards, I would have preferred to have remembered that I had these cards.

My Steem Monsters cards are an investment (both time and money). And not remembering WHAT I have WHERE is just plain stupid on my part.

I want to hear from you.

  1. Have you (re)discovered any crypto treasure that you were not aware of?
  2. Have you provided a list of your crypto assets to someone offchain?
  3. Do you have a trusted friend onchain that could assist a loved one if you passed?

As more projects appear in the Wild, Wild West it will become even more important for each of us to protect our assets and investments. Sure, a surprise is nice, but not when it means that you forgot something!

Thanks for stopping by!

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I have a rather outdated list with private keys etc off chain locked away, unless you have seen private keys before though someone would probably think its some weird printer error and throw it away.

Very wise advice, I need to create a spreadsheet with all my passwords and safe combination. 👍

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