Splinterlands: Low Collection Power - Is renting an option?

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Hey Splintertalkers,

Let's talk about a controversial topic, Collection Power (CP), is it a problem?

Well like some other players my first impression was "it's a problema for sure" because even with only 9 days playing with level 1 cards I was abble to finish my first season in Champion III Ranking and was rewarded with 80 Loot Chests.


My thought "what a amazing result!". But happiness wouldn't last long, that was the feeling after reading about the new rules!

So the new season started 9 days ago and each new battle made me ask myself "i it worth renting some cards with high burn value?".

Then today I decided to put everything in a spreadsheet to check how much it would cost to reach 500000 CP as quickly as possible, so after checking the Burn Value of each card I rented the following Gold Foil cards:


Could not be better! After all only $ 0.20 per day! :)

And then a new question .... How much DEC would I have to earn daily to cover these costs? Simple math!

Source: https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=DEC

According to the current rates from HIVE ENGINE (at the time I'm writing) each DEC worth $ 0.00056 so... the math


So all I need to do is earn 358 DEC daily, it's easy! Let's say for instance I earn 20 DEC per battle (victory), with only 18 victories I can pay the cost of renting.

I would like to say that I only needed these cards because @davemccoy from @teampossible helped me with at least 110k CP. So thank you so much Dave and all members from TEAM POSSIBLE! ♥


Concluding... even being a new player I can say RENTING CARDS PAYS OFF!!

So if you changed your mind you can rent some cards instead of selling your collection or being angry due to the new CP Rule!

To rent cards visit:

And if you haven't played Splinterlands yet, join us!


Waiting for you all on the battlefield! ⚡️ Supreme Magus


awesome to see someone did the math on this @suprememagus! That is a very good analysis and shows it can be done if people take the time to figure it out :) Great job!!!

Hey @davemccoy, I'm a spreadsheet lover and the new CP rule led me to plan everything! Collection Power "issue" it's so easy to solve. But now with a leaderboard for each League the CP is not the most important thing to worry. Players need to focus on level up their cards or renting specific cards for the League they want to play. Thanks for you comment!

sorry for the slow reply, I've been tied up... how did you do this season? what league did you play in?

Great post! It is awesome renting cheap cards can help! Some prices of card rentals are just pennies a day! An upvote is on the way!

You're the best @clove71 :)

Thank you @clove71!! Yes, players can rent a card for only $0.03 (month fee based in 30days x $0.001) and use it in two seasons. Thanks vor the comment and upvote! :)

And now with Phase 3 you can win extra rewards in each league.



Excellent analysis.
Its really quite cheap to rent cards to get to max CP.

I have a lot of spare CP on accounts that I never have time to play and I'd like to offer more cards for rent but its a very time consuming and tedious process.

I wish there was a way to automate it.

Thank you @apshamilton! You can find someone who you can trust and the person would the job for you and then if the cards are rented the person earn some percentage.

A great post! Very nice! Rentals are so great!
Have a great season-ending! ~@clove71

Thank you @steemmonsters! The season-ending was nice! But now I'll need to play in lower level league!

You should look up more stuff for rent. You picked some pretty expensive cards. You can do a lot better than that.

Thanks for your comment and advice! I just chose the ones with the highest CP since I wanted to end the season in Champion.

i tested this by renting a lvl 3 legendary gold foil, i jump from silver II to gold I, at 1st i'm doing good but i ended losing when my rating goes up so i decided to stop renting gold foil

Hey @senojuro, you're right! I'm facing the same situation right now, since I finished the Season in Champion III I'm playing in Diamond now, but I don't have cards to play in this League so I just asked Yabapmatt to drop me to Silver. Thanks for your comment!

Don't forget you have to find the right balance of cards you can play to achieve the level you think you can win at, and THEN rent if you feel it will help you jump to that level in CP. But definitely don't rent and put yourself in a league you can't win in, you want to have fun too and losing because you are outmatched is no fun at all!

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