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Rexxies Run Roughshod

In an earlier story, we reported on a pack of Rexxies being bred to create miniature versions of the great beasts. In that story we reported on several Rexxies rampaging through the market square and injuring several citizens.

It seems like Miles Randolph, the local entrepreneur responsible for the previous incident and victor in the magistrate's courtroom, has this time been not only fined again but also arrested and thrown into the Council Dungeons. The charges currently being levied are "Defying a Lawful Order" and "Reckless Endangerment of Life and Limb."

Mr. Randolph was arrested due to a new incident of Rexxies on the loose. This time there were much larger problems caused by these rampaging beasts. One witness was overheard giving a statement to a Constable:

"I knew them Rexxies could trample but this weren't no normal tramplin', they was tramplin' and knockin' people down then they just kept on tramplin' through everything! Something got into them critters that made em' real angry."

Eyewitness reports do agree with that sentiment. There is something new about these Rexxies, The Gazette did not receive a response from The Constabulary on any specifics.

Mr. Randolph is still asserting that he has been set up. During his arrest he was seen assaulting officers and was quickly subdued. No date for his appeal before the magistrate has been set.

Fire Summoner Summons Fire

Well-known and well-loved summoner from the Arena in Praetoria, Pyre, has apparently been living up to his name of late. Several small fires reported in and around the arena have been seen, usually with small bits of food having been cooked in them.

Pyre has only recently been brought to anywhere considered civilized, having been found in the heart of The Smoldering Forest. Researchers found Pyre, the last living member of a tribe of Summoners, and brought him to the arena because of his natural talent and unique abilities.

Despite his likely tragic upbringing, Pyre has indeed been detained by Praetorian Wizards for questioning. We can all just hope that the Wizards accommodate Pyre's unique upbringing and perhaps take it easy on the summoner. He was only cooking food it seems, hardly a terrible thing.

The rest of us can only watch and see if the Wizards will be driven by fairness. Let's hope for the best here.

Land Speculation

Several geologists have put together a research paper on the lands of Praetoria. Notable geological theorists @davemccoy and @cornavirus have put forward their thoughts on the Praetorian land. @cornavirus had this to say when asked what he was looking forward to concerning Praetoria itself.

"looking forward to? Hmm nothing in particular.. maybe something else to do other than just picking cards to battle?... I also can't deny the possibility of land prices going up by a lot."

It begs an interesting question, how will the lands and resources affect the Arena battles we all know and love. A wider net cast will attract even more citizens of the Splinterlands to the arena and will generate a much larger economy and create a multitude of jobs. @cornavirus' thoughts on the newly burgeoning real estate market are also in the forefront of many minds.

@davemccoy stated simply:

"...can't wait to see people try to corner some of the resources." In another post @davemccoy went on to mention: "I'm looking most forward to the resource pools. If they work well and are properly incentivized, then I hope we will have tons of opportunity to either trade our resources or hold them."

Another interesting point, will we see new barons of industry in the coming days and months? Will we also see a new underclass of "landless" citizens? @davemccoy's statement on holding land longer term could be an interesting viewpoint to consider in the future.

When asked a follow up question concerning speculation on the biomes (biomes are geogrpahical regions of similar climate and composition, such as a desert or a forest) and resources on the mysterious continent, @cornavirus said this:

"As for the follow up question, I don't know enough info to make a reasonable speculation so I'll avoid it for now... I like to base my thinking on facts and deduction so you'll forgive me for not being able to provide you with my speculation."

If only we all based our thoughts in such ways. As always, the Gazette will update this story as the story develops.

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