Earning My First Epic Gold Foil in @steemmonsters | Good Times Should Eventually Meet Those Who Persevere

in spt •  4 months ago 

I'm not that into feel good statements about grit, hard work, perseverance etc. But there are numbers and probabilities. On a long enough timeline, you will come to pass anything that isn't impossible. So far I had gotten many Gold Foil cards and all of them were Common or Rare. I could have given up on @steemmonsters and start complaining. Instead I stuck around collecting few cents on most days and few dollars on good days.

Today's Daily Quest

Gold Epic.png

Market Prices


There is only 242 of these. Since I already have a Level 4 Manticore, I have made the card availale for renting at a very low price. Currently it's the best and only deal at @peakmonsters market.

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