Bad luck this end of season loot for Splinterlands

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Hey splinterpals!

Hubby @jay.ell thinks it’s all leveled out now that I get bad luck for my whole set of end of season rewards.
All 22 cards are the common.
Have a look yourself. Lol.


I tried hard to go up to gold II and that didn’t work either.
Better luck next time!

Join me at:
If you haven’t already started playing this awesome game!

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That looks BAD! Not to brag but I got a black dragon AND a gold rusty android plus a maga wizard.

See you on the battlefield!

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😱😱that’s amazing rewards

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So... I was looking at your rewards, and reading @iamjadalines ulog at the same time ... then I went to contest kings and participated in a bunch of their giveaways ... and tagged @iamjadaline on ALL the contests, having fun at "her" bad cards, and telling her to get some free ones instead.

I didn't go back and fix the tags, I just thought about it all night and laughed at how confused @iamjadaline must be.

Heya to you both, sending you lots of love from California.

Hahahaha you’re so funny!!!!

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If @iamjadaline wins she can give it to me instead 😬😜😜

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Thanks @nathanmars! Hope you’ve been well!!

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