I finally saved up enough to get the card I wanted! The Corrupted Pegasus!

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Hey Splinterpals!
Long time no post!
I just haven’t been able to get any good rewards lately haha.

Today after all the grinding and selling cards I don’t use I finally could afford an extra card costing $11.89 thanks to @mys for selling them a little cheaper! So now I have a level 3 Corrupt Pegasus which means it can now be an excellent tank healer for my death cards!! It’s been hard when the death set always has low health and no healer hehe.

Now I have three legendaries I love using often!
Guess what they are?

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Thank you ❤️

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omg i saw you not long ago playing ..... you are going to be unbeatable soon!!!

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Haha yeh I saw you too and was like doh I walked away and missed your battle lolol.

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oh doh hahahaha

loving that card as well :)

Ooh cool! Another death player buddy 😁

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Aww thanks so much!!

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Yuhh it looks like you become a danger player 😉

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😆yeh I’ve almost spent all my steem money on cards!!!

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Ha ha) I keep myself from it as long as it possible but once in season I try to level up couple of my cards

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Play on Mama <33