I got to Gold 1 for the first time this season and here are my rewards 😬

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Hey Splinterpals!

I grinded up to Gold 1 thanks to upgrading my death splinter and @jay.ell’s donations hehe...
And here are my first gold 1 rewards!

Not too bad considering I did get some gold!

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I am a full time mum to one active 3 year old boy, casual photographer, wife, and I create vlogs and blogs. I am part of Steemit Mamas, Onelovedtube and TeamAustralia 🌅 Please visit my feed and profile for more details :)

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Not so bad😀 Congrats!

Thanks jozef!

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Wow !! You're getting really good @vincy..
How's your pregnancy so far :)

Thanks ireen!! Yeh it’s been ok, just currently sick with a cold so every time I cough too hard I need to hold my tummy

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Ooo.. Take care ya... And stay happy

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Thanks guys!

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