Splinterlands Update & Daily rewards for gold 2 😊

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Hey Splinterpals!

Here are my best daily rewards in a while.. not been getting good ones lately so it’s nice to get some today.

I’ve also been trying to push up to Gold again lately and it does seem to be harder and harder. I’ve had to upgrade and buy quite a few new cards and also ended up selling quite a bit of the ones I don’t use.
I’m focusing on two main splinters but also keeping some of the other splinters for quests.

Saving up steem and dec has been hard work but it’s worth it when you finally buy the card you want! Haha

What are you guys doing with your splinters and cards?

Just the other day I versed @travelgirl for the second time! And of course I lost haha, but really cool to verse someone who’s been on the game for much longer!! 😬

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I am trying to slowly level my cards up and get copies of each card so I have more options to play. I bought a stack of beta packs and have been trying to open at least 1 a day to increase the amount and diversity of cards I have.

Nice one! Beta packs are exciting to open, more than reward cards haha.

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LOL yes definitely good to see a familiar name :)


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