I did it! I learned how to use the Gelatinous Cube!


I remembered right before the fork there was one splinterlands gamer shared about the right way to use the Gelatinous Cube...

There was never a proper opportunity for me to exercise this card due to limited mana...

Until the last 48 hours


I finally gave it a try with this gold reward card and know its tank power .


Even though it took me many battles to complete my quest of the day.

You see...

I have always treated the Gelatinous Cube like my Furious Chicken card the same. They have served as the buffer protection of defense while I usually put offences at the front.

That is when I have enough mana....

But 10/10 I usually failed when this card is put into place.

Until I heard a few splinter gamers mentioning that it is a tank and a first line of defence (or what we trendily called front liners these days due to COVID-19 outbreak) when there's big enough total mana for you to play with it; where you can it at the front and then a strong card at the rear.


This was one of the line ups that I used when I realised that it can be doubly protected by the armoured shield, along with Prismatic Energy that has a longer life span and magic to weaken opponent behind the shield.


Another time was when I realised that there isn't any self healing availble and the only way for my Water team to succeed, I gambled my chances by placing the same pair: Gelatinous cube at the front, and Prismatic Energy at the back, along with the fastest archers and magic throwers I could find in my deck.

I am always very terrified of the Mushroom Seer; somehow whenever it is there in the opponent's team I usually lose. Thankfully the Cube held its fort!

So far these 2 games when I used the cube, my team didn't die and I realised that you can only afford to use it when there's high total Mana for you to exercise your choice of cards.

And in the end...


My almost hour battle long in the leagues didn't disappoint me. This is the first time I got so many cards, along with a golden Flame Monkey ever since they changed the rewards mechanism into chests.


I was really grateful that though they aren't the best cards I can use, but at least I can upgrade cards like the Nectar Queen from the Untamed pack, which requires at least 5 cards for level 2.

She may not be my most used card just yet, but if there's a chance that I can use her and succeeds, then I will definitely share with you how I got it's placing right.

Even when both of my Splinters are still rented from starter pack and the Gelatinous Cube was not able to exercise its full potential (being limited at level 1) it still teams well enough with the other level 1 cards to get what I need.

Just so you know, this is not a game advice, but just an example how I got it right. Not all the time the Cube can be of assistance.

Until Then


Stay safe, stay healthy, stay at home

flatten the curve

COVID-19 is still roaming for its next victim

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