This Could Be My Best Reward Ever: Oh My!

in #sptlast year


Finally got through Silver I right before the season ends

And finally there will be some nice reward cards before I am blasted down one level to Bronze I.


Battles has been really tough for me 20 hours prior to season ends and I have really been slaughtered pretty badly until I managed to recover to Silver I just hours before the season ends; and I decided to give up on my Silver rewards by completing the quest but remained at Silver I and resume again after the turn of the season.

This could be a dumb move because I could be better; but then again, who knows? I might really suck at this and lose my ranking further.


And so, I survived the season, and I got a bunch of nice unopened cards right in front of me; but they were only 13 unopened cards...


Until I realised that some of the cards actually opened as doubled values, and I got a pretty good deal...

A total of $4 USD worth of beta reward cards!

I mean, I was a bit sad that there weren't any legendary cards opened; but still I had 2 Epic cards which I have no idea what its ability will become.

(I mean... its life is only 1.... that isn't a really good card to work on a low mana group....)

This round even though both Earth and Neutral has the same amount of rewards; but in reality, I don't have much upgradable Earth cards to level 2.


And some of them are from the untamed series; which means I got to at least have enough to get 4 more cards each for these babies before they can level up.

@slobberchops mentioned in my last post before that he will use DEC to level up all their required BETA cards before investing into untamed; but I guess because he is on a higher league his daily quests have higher rewards compared to the rest...

And I still have not acquire myself an Earth Summoner at the moment

Maybe through the guild that I finally got in could help me acquire a slightly discounter Summoner via @peakmonsters?

Everything is undecided right now but maybe I can figure out a little better with the guild and see if I can benefit more battle experience before I spend anything to upgrade my cards...


Other than that, I am still happy that even I am reverted back to Broze level, I have experienced an unboxing Silver I rewards event!

And hopefully with more experience, I could get better and start to create a strong team that could work for the better and reserve a nice wedding gift set for the little munchkins when they are old enough to manage their time to play.


You did pretty well getting some great cards this opening 👍

Yes, I was very fortunate this round. I am a little scared climbing up the ladders again haha... the DQ are crazy the last 24 hours haha... minimum mana totals and then my hands are tight too....

I got a Gold Javelin Thrower too as my EOS rewards, the card is about to go out of print, I'll be holding on to mine as I only level up Common Golds.. Rare ones tend to be expensive.

Divine Sorceress is also almost OOP, I need a couple more of them to get mine at Level 5.

Oh so if the Gold Javelin Thrower runs out of production, does it mean it becomes a stored value?

I have a regular Javeline thrower; maybe I should concentrate on levelling this one up to the max instead as my journey here continues?

By the way, thank you so much for your mention. I am glad you like my niche writing. 😁

I love your style! Javelin Thrower is either OOP or almost OOP (Out of Print).

I don't have the stats link as I'm at work but will send it to you. It details how many are out there and the percentage that have been produced for ALL reward cards.

In time it's value will increase as no more are being given out. As for regular or Gold, that's your choice. If your playing in the Silver league, level 4 would be better.

it may be costly to upgrade a card that's both rare and OOP.

oh gosh! All my summoners except Fire Summoners (and one is kindly lend me) are at level 2 🙈
But I think I'll invest on the regular ones to level up should I want to battle.... gold I might just keep aside for stored value if possible....

The Untamed Summoners are cheaper and in some cases equal to the Beta's. Look for the ones with positive attributes, eg.. Fire has +1 Speed.

Yes. I have acquired the Fire Summoner. The rest I think are all (-) values I might look into Life as well, but she is expensive.

Gold one is mmmm

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Thank you for the trendo and beer gifts! Cheers to you mate!

Congrats on the the card pulls and just keep grinding. You will get there eventually and the more you grow your deck the more addicting it gets.

It's better to buy individual cards as you'll rely less on luck and you can grow your deck at a more predictable rate.

Sometimes I feel that the more decks I have the harder I can decide on its placing. It is not easy when the challenge is getting tougher with tiny Mana totals. 🤔

Hey @weddinggift, here is a little bit of BEER from @rollie1212 for you. Enjoy it!

Thank you!

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Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 25/30 - need recharge?)

@slobberchops is a god send when it comes to this game of #splinterlands I haven't had a chance to thank him for his kind support and gifts, but I will soon.
I recently started playing and I think I am now finally getting it. I recently made Silver II, after some serious game play with the help from some of the cards that were gifted to me.
Have fun and take care.

Yes, I had my fair share of god sent angels to help me out. Steemdan is one of them. Unfortunately maybe I am not as good yet so I am still far from being really good at levelling up even with level 2 Fire summoners haha.

I've had to level up my summoners and some other cards which really helped too!

Yes, so I have learned... I am not having enough to level up yet... I guess I need more smart battles to earn enough DEC or write some really good posts for some STEEM to get some nice dough to juice up my cards...

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