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RE: Battle Rule EARTHQUAKE can be challenging!: My Splinterlands Journey #9

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Manticore only attacks when in second position. Having it in the middle of your deck means it was wasted. You picked the right cards but in the wrong combination (possibly)

Switch the Manticore to second spot so you would have benefitted from its attack and put your Dark Enchantress in last position. The Pixie has very low health so by swapping Manticore and Enchantress to new positions it adds extra attack and strengthens up your tail (keep furious chicken in the last slot as cannon fodder).

I love to read your posts, you obviously have developed a love for the game and enjoy writ3about it as much as I do. @splinterlands weekly contests are fun and cool to enter, let's see what they hit for us next Monday.


Oh gosh... thanks for reminding me about Manticore! I wish I could think as fast as you, dude! I also wanted to protect him from Monsters that attack second positions, and there are quite a number of them that do, and I why. The first position is attacked by the tank and almost all other opponent cards, and then specific cards are dedicated to killing the second and the last positions. On several occasions, having a strong melee Monster positioned in the back/middle position has won battles for me. But did you notice in this battle... the Dark Enchantress (attacked the most number of times) and the Enchanted Pixie (both which you thought were weakly positioned) were the cards that gave the final blows to the line-up of opponent other words, these two weak cards actually won the battle for me, while the other cards acted as support to them. It is funny how that turned out, right?
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