My favorite element, death "SPINEBACK WOLF"

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The fiercest wolf that dominated the vast land of the Canis lupus, controlled with power and lapides, everyone feared him, had all the females of the close clans, the amount of dead inside their teeth are innumerable, the experience in battle and a genetic charge within his being, have made him the right hand of death.

After controlling the whole continent, the great SPINEBACK WOLF went mad and began to devour all living beings for pleasure, but as time passed there was no one to face or devour.

Loneliness invaded his being, and a strange character appeared and offered to participate in a world where there will be battles forever and may devour enemies for eternity, a proposal that he liked a lot, no doubt some accept.

The strange character, said welcome to the world of STEEM MONSTERS from now on you will serve the element of death and you will always be available to fight for your element, from now and forever. To which he replied: How to order death.



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