My favorite element, death "TWISTED JESTER"

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A former clown with infinite joy for colors and children, after many years, he decides to have a family and give all the joy to his loved ones.

One dark day he decides to go to work, in a park of trust, it was a great night in which luck favored his pocket.

When the clown arrives at his house, he finds his family tortured and murdered, some priests who preached a sixth called "Santería", where his search for sanctity led him to do crazy things.

The Clown swore to kill and destroy everything that has sanctity, nature or water, the spirit of hatred and death, kidnapped him, after a time of uncontrolled murder, a strange spirit appeared to him and he made a pact, told him that your family would live if you participate in monsters steem.

The clown accepted his offer, and since that day I am part of the cards of the element of death.



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