I just started playing Steem Monsters!

in #sptlast year (edited)

@WishMaiden Playing for VICTORIES!

& Learning to Win Battles!

This is what my first card collection looks like:


I was able to come across a way to begin playing for FREE too - Courtesy @splinterlands on twitter.com

I sent a PM and was sent a code for a free $10 starter pack, Which is AWESOME! Cheers and THANKS!

steemmonsters scrnsht.png

Here is a little info about the game:

Want to play?


And join me in a battle!





Welcome to this incredible game and have a good luck, dear @wishmaiden

You are welcome to make quests about anithing that make you doubt!!!

thank you and have a good night!!!!

Welcome and good luck !!

Awesome! Good luck!

Cheers! It really IS a lot of fun isn't it? HAHA! :D

Almost too much fun! I've had to take a couple of breaks. It's a great game that just keeps getting better, though.

Welcome to SM! Im balls deep, been playing for a solid year. Its turned out to be a fairly good investment during the bear market 😎 See you in Battle Wishmaiden!!!!!

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Welcome. Hope everything goes well for you.