Splinterland's is not only a game it's your learning school as well.

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Yesterday, when I was peeking on the @splinterlands blog to check which splinterland's contests are going on I stumbled upon this post Learning LunaPic🔅 Lesson One: Scaling an Image for comments or posts
by @carrieallen. In her post, she has described all the possible ways you can use it to edit your image. The purpose of mentioning this in my post is I actually loved it and while learning about LunaPic I got to know about #Bitmoji. Yea when I read about Bitmoji it tempted me to create my own.
I am very cautious when it comes to installing any extension or software etc. Since it came from a well known splinterland team so without having second thought I instantly install #Bitmoji app and also installed extension.
#Bitmoji App is pretty fun to use. You have two options to get login either use your e-mail or get linked with your snapchat. I have snapchat but I preferred to get login through my e-mail.

I Have had past experience with #Canva I have its premium version. But LunaPic is another new addition to my list. It is so simple to use I even installed their LunaPic extension so you just need to right-click on your image then click on the #EditWithLunaPic And there you go. The editing process is so simple and slick anyone can get hands-on it. Moreover, video tutorials are also available for each tool so if you face any issue while editing your image you can watch the video tutorial right away.

Therefore, now I hope you have gotten the idea of my today's post why did I say that splinterland's is not even a game it's your learning school as well.

You guys might have been thinking like hmmmmmmmmmmm how? So How's that when you make a game strategy on run time? When you have a very little time and you have to manage that time then there you are a learning time management skill. Run-time strategies make your mind sharper and then in real-life if you face such a situation you can easily manage.
Learning about different rules their usage, time, different mindsets etc etc..

I am happy because I learned about Bitmoji and now I have my own Bitmoji and I am already loving it. In future, I might take a selfie and then will try to convert it into #MyBitMoji. Currently, this one is almost like me.

Now It's time to show my #SeasonEndRewardCards

My Season Rewards



Stack of 60 cards so yea as usual Diamond1. I tried to get in Champion3 but trust me competition is really high and you need plenty of time, and patience to play a lot of battles in order to achieve C3. :P XD

I am trying to max all the legendries. So far i have maxed my 3 legendaries. #LordArianthus, #SpiritOfTheForest, #ChainGolem. So yea slow and steady I'll win the race one day :p

My recent upgraded Legendary is Lord Arianthus.


Bought 3 BCX Lord Arianthus to max it.

That's all for now. see you all around TC.

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Yay! I'm glad you found all the things!

I LOVE Bitmoji... clearly... 😏 I've had it since it was owned by a smaller company. They used to do FULL custom comics... but that ended... and Snapchat/Google bought it up... So at least we still have them.

AND OMG! I didn't know about the LunaPic extension! Thank you!
that's supposed to be the LunaPic logo behind me...

you are welcome and thanks for stopping by

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