News from Steem-Engine and Splinterlands!

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Today is slated to bring NFTs to Steem-Engine!

What does it mean for you?

It means that you should abstain from doing any significant transactions on Steem-Engine, before you see an announcement, most likely from @ aggroed, that everything went smoothly.

It means a new category of tokens can be created and tradable on Steem-Engine, one which until now had the primary market on the Etherium blockchain. From what I understood it would be cheaper to create, upgrade and trade them on Steem-Engine. It will be free to transfer them.

If you are waiting for NFTs anxiously, you most likely know what it means. But just in case, @ aggroed reminded us in his post from last week.

One of the first NFTs will be the Splinterlands cards, that's for sure.

But that's not the only news for our popular card game from last week.

It is already possible to trade Splinterlands cards on the Etherium blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. From the same report, we know DEC can be traded as a ERC-20 token on Etherium as well. All with gas fees, of course. But that probably doesn't matter for Etherium hard fans.

The part I like the most in this report, is the fact Splinterlands will add Paypal support to buy cards on the market. This is different than buying products from the Splinterlands website using Paypal. The market is P2P, and Splinterlands is only an interface (not the only one). But it looks they managed to work through the complications, and are now implementing it.

We are also very excited to report that we're FINALLY able to allow players to purchase cards on the Splinterlands market using PayPal, and are working on implementing that as soon as possible. We know this has been a huge pain point for players and one of the most often requested features, but there are a number of complications that arise from allowing PayPal payments for market purchases which we needed to work through that don't exist when buying products directly from us.

That is really cool and will bring in new fresh fiat into Splinterlands and thus the crypto sphere.

Why so cool? Well, think about it: if you buy a pack, you get random cards. You can improve your chances with potions, but still, it's not like you can select what cards to have in your pack.

But when you'll be able to use Paypal on the market, you will be able to choose a specific card on the market you want to buy and do it with Paypal (i.e. fiat money).

I'm pretty sure collectors / gamers will push plenty of fiat via Splinterlands. And the interesting part is that other players or collectors will be the recipients of these funds, not Splinterlands directly. Although the later often use funds from selling cards to buy something else they need from the market. And that's how everything grows even bigger.


Now we need to see that in action. ;)

Yup! It shouldn't be long... At least for the NFTs part. :)