Scotbot is running again

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For each pending posts and token, the amount of rshares, distributed by votes is stored in the database. The sum of all pending rshares is stored as bigint in the database.

A bigint has a range up to 9223372036854775807.
Yesterday, a number higher than this was tried to store in the database, as there are currently more pending rshares for the Weed token.

A vote with 1 staked Weed leads to 1e8 rshares, due to the precision of 1e-8.

I have currently only access to my mobile, but I could fix the problem by changing the the type to numeric, which has a variable precision and is still exact.


Hi! Great to see its up but it seems like the payout for recent posts has dropped drastically. I had a post which was pending 44 PAL payout before the incident but when the system was back up, it dropped to 4PAL which ended up being (2 PAL for myself and 2 PAL for curators). Can you please check as I think there are many users affected as well. Cheers

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점검 이후 문제가 생겼습니다. 점검 전에 표시된 페이아웃 금액이, 점검 후에 1/3 ~1/4 정도로 줄었습니다. 그리고 줄어든 금액으로 페이아웃이 됐습니다. 매우 심각한 사고입니다.
이 글입니다. 302 SCT로 페이아웃 됐습니다.
그러나 이 글은, 점검 전에 이 숫자보다 대략 3배였습니다.
정확한 숫자는 기억나지 않습니다.

12시간 지연된 감소 반영하는 오류로 보입니다~! 매우 심각하네요~ ㅠㅠ
어떻게 모두 다시 보상할지 스콧팀 ???

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Thank you for your work holger80!

Damn! That's a lot of rshares. Thank you for the explanation.

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매우 심각한 문제가 생겼습니다.
점검 후 페이아웃 숫자가 1/4로 줄었습니다.
이 현상은 모든 사용자에게서 발생했습니다.


이 사진을 보면,
30분 동안 페이아웃 숫자가 1/4로 줄었습니다.
그리고 실제로 1/4 금액으로 페이아웃이 됐습니다.

매우 심각한 문제이며, 이 문제로 인해 매우 큰 피해를 입었습니다.
치명적이고 심각한 문제입니다.

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Wow, cool stuff!
I came across your post from following this thread talking about how to make your own bot :
No doubt you are hell'a busy and stuff, if you do have some time I am looking to set up this voting script.. but my coding knowledge is 0. Can you or do you know someone looking for a side gig? I can offer a little pay or steem in exchange for some development help!

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Oh well, I'm just mad (sour grapes) at steem now cause I don't even have a reason to learn more about scottbott, or beempy. What use will beempy be to me when my votes don't work anymore anyway??

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OMG your whole site is a mess from the bots! This is a disaster in slow motion! Can't you fix (destroy) for us?????? @berniesanders and @themarkymark, & @steemcleaners! This is crazy and no steem-engine is going to patch these downvote bot holes in this sinking titanic STEEM! lol look at my poor blog?

Sorry you should have kept the bots out of the wrong hands!

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You're a waste of space. You've been flagged like the trash you are.