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One live feed and one very lively Steem community today - it seems that for now, it's business as usual.

  • Original Steemit inc team stays in place

  • SMT to be released 'soon' (no change)

  • No plans for now to vote with newly acquired stake on content or for witnesses

Yesterday I was pissed. I hit the powerdown button after months of buying STEEM and vesting the majority.

I didn't want another chain, new rules, and a risk of 75m SP turning active and diluting the shit out of everyone's votes.

And then I listened to the AMA today with Ned and Justin. As it turned out, it wasn't an AMA, it was an ask me and I'll cherry pick a couple of questions from places I didn't make clear prior to the the AMA. However, after spamming the dlive chat with the question put forward in the title of this post, there was an answer.

It seems J Sun has bought a lot of stake in something he's not fully aware of.

S-E wha? Splinterlands wha? Steem-DAO wha?

There was nothing on these subjects, but at least we got to know which Chinese new year our old and new majority stakeholders were born in.....

We also got told that the plan is to do nothing. Nothing is good. No voting on content with 75 million SP, no voting on witnesses with 75 million SP (and totally dominating who's block producing or not) , no apple cart tipping at all. This is a result in my opinion.

Following the AMA, Aggy hosted 4 hours of community chat. I'm grateful for this and feel much better after the fact.

We are ahead of the times with regards to blockchain governance, there are code-red plans in place if need be, and I'm happy enough having really lost my mojo yesterday.

So, steem on as you were xxxx

EDIT: More news today :/



Thank you for this post, Asher. This almost perfectly sums up my own experience with the AMA-that-wasn't and my feelings after the community chat.

The last time I saw this much engagement and energy from the Steem community was at SF3 in Krakow. Since then, conditions with the platform went into decline and, while I didn't leave, I withdrew to focus on building my own real-world project that might or might not eventually include the Steem blockchain. This development makes me very glad that my team didn't invest more in a front end specific to Steem, but also gives me a tiny glimmer of hope that something good may come from this after all, even if it's a rallying force to keep the spirit of Steem alive in the face of what could be our greatest adversity ever...or our greatest leg up to mainstream adoption. Time will tell.

Thanks for the kind comment @rhondak :)

I agree with you, engagement is up and the spirit of the community has been revived. Who knows what will happen in the future but I think we have to be positive to change.

Good luck with your real-world project, I hope Steem can play a part in that going forward.


Well, so far so good with the project. We have one book bearing the "Steemhouse" brand that's competing full on with other books in its genre in the mainstream, with some celebrity endorsement and a fully positive review from Kirkus, including a three-month run in their trade publication. We've just launched the companion litmag, and while only one issue is live for now, we've had some good response to it as well. We'll see what the future holds for marrying these concepts with blockchain technology.

I must admit to not hearing much about Steemhouse in the past year - it rings a bell though.

This sounds very promising, well done!

We gave a presentation at SF3 about it. Then we got caught up in some disingenuous offers by a series of developers who made noise about building us a front end and then never delivered. We even lost money when we decided to just pay someone outright rather than partner. This left a really bad taste in our mouths about the integrity of any blockchain project. So we focused inward on the business sans Steem and made a lot more progress that way. We can always revisit the idea of a front end later, but right now it doesn't look likely as it's difficult to see any value in that for us.

Right, well with that knowledge I say fair enough - happy you took the unknowns out of the plan and got things rolling.

At least you are aware of the space and can choose to use it if it benefits.

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I cannot say I see it more positively now. Perhaps it is for you. You get plenty of I voted but the majority does not, no matter what they do, write, join. 🙁

It won't take long before I can quit hosting a contest. Happy Sunday. 🤐

I do get more my than my share - not sure what I can do about this apart from say thank you.

Of course the STINC team needs to stay in place. Tron needs them desperately to educate them and transition. I don't think that's a plus, just a given.

They're also essential to launch the SMTs which Tron would want because it'll be something to hype up on the marketing front. Wouldn't expect a change there. Might be a pump and dump though.

As for the voting, that's a plus if he's sincere. He did BS that his battery was dying to get out of answering more Q's when the AMA was clearly thrown together without an agenda.

Best way to get out of a tricky situation? Pretend you are out of charge. It's like 'sorry, I'm about to go through a tunnel' or screaming 'Oh my god!' really loudly before hanging up mysteriously.

Best way only if it's not thousands of people evaluating demeanor as a new figurehead. What a sham(e).

Screaming the last thing would've been hilarious if his screen went dark. At least he'd not be deceptive and would be a prankster about it.

Forgot to mention the 10% battery thing, comedy :)

I agree the Tron team has much to learn, and that 'doing nothing' is the best approach for all right now.

I was in the same boat and triggered a PD as I was reading a lot of negative articles about things but knew it could always be canceled if I felt better following the AMA and witness chat.

I read pennsif's news post today and there is a lot of optimism which made me feel good again so have stopped the powerdown. Probably would miss this price action by the time the first return to liquid would happen haha.

Things will become more clear over the next month or two but I think there is a steep learning curve for Mr Sun judging by his conversations yesterday - "it's steemit right? It's SMTs right? Battery is running low, gtg"


Yeah that was a strange one - it's not as if he was sat in a park or somewhere without electricity.

I'm going to run my PD for a week, just for a little trading funds. Will probably mess up whatever I try and end up bringing what's left of it back to power up again :)


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I don't know so much about the context of blockchain/cryptos, but I know a little about "value investing."

So you buy a company with promising assets that's pretty much going nowhere for very little. In this case, including control of 75M Steem/SP at 25 cents apiece.

You put your considerable financial backing, other resources and marketing machine to work on your new acquisition.

It suddenly becomes something, rather than floundering. 18 months later, your 75M Steem/SP are sitting at $10 per Steem. Even if you threw a ridiculous sum like US $100M at development and marketing, you still hold more than a half BILLION dollar profit.

Not so shabby...

Nobody (that I've noticed) seems to be even thinking about a variation on this scenario... yet it's how a lot of investments in the conventional business world play out...


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Justin just announced that token swap and migration is happening, what's that about? Didn't he just say it's not on the agenda for now? It's like suddenly everything's moving forward again, but he's the only one with the details.

Hmmmm. He did say it was not on the agenda, 'for now'. Do you have a link?

This is his tweet from 6hrs ago:

Saying, steemit will begin its migration to TRON heavily implies it's happening now or going to very soon.


Yeah that's pretty much saying the opposite of what was suggested in the AMA.

'For now' was about 12 hours - we are used to 'soon' being 2/3 years :)

Just like you I've hit the Power down button for the first time I'm here. I feel a tiny bit better after listening to a big part of the witnesses chat, but definitely not safe enough to cancel that PD again

We weren't the only ones :) I think I'll stop it in a week and do feel a bit better following the chat on msp waves yesterday.

Well, the Medium article Tronlinkwallet posted today made me feel very insecure again. Someone didn't get the memo, or some else is full of 💩

Nevermind. Just noticed the article got deleted....


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Oooo..I am in third place among the luckiest of followers on the picture! I wonder why he rewarded the tokens as I don't know whether I would be using dlive again after watching the live stream.

Bravo :)

I wonder how many STEEM you can buy for 1 lemon.


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Dude! Today is the first time I felt the myth you described to me many times in the past. How it was in the early days. Humans coming together talking, engaging on human things! I wasn’t here in the early days and didn’t know the core group, so never experienced the myth. Today I did. You may say it is not as electric as early days, and the outlook is “survival”. But I don’t care. I have seen what “community” and “engagement” means today. I am grateful for it. I am here till the last block is produced! If someone need to be there to turn off the light, I will be there! But I am sure that day will never come. Never sold or powered down a single steem. Never will

I guess if you've got thousands invested, a little bit of a powerdown can make you feel a little more secure whilst you still have a lot invested. I'm with you though, I'll be holding your hand and turning off the light with ya.


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I also wanna hold hands.. :) :D

If anything, you will be the man turning the light on :)

The silent investor, inspired by @pharesim / @curangel is much respected around these parts. Thank you for being here!

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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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Is there a summary of that 4 hours of chat with aggy and friends?

Sorta, in my post :)

What do you want to know? Fork out is a backup but getting involved with people with funds to market the good things we have is solid.

Cool, so nothing new then ;)

I figured the standard speculation most of us spoke about on our blogs or in the comments of the major posts of yesterday were what was being discussed.

I was so tired I just couldn't stay up to that 9AM PST time, all the way from Australia. :P

A rest is nice. I could do nothing but drink and wait for the AMA/AMN, but I'm feeling more chilled now.

I could've drank... lord knows there's enough wine in the house at the moment... lol

reduce supply and we all win!


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Lol you forgot MSTs 😂


He's a quick learner, fork out those MST for SMT ASAP!

Hitting the power down ..... that bad ...eh.... :)
I strugluled keeping my cool as well.

I'm going to openly state Im doing a week powerdown.

I've bought something like 25000 SP the last few months and feel I'm allowed to free stake to do as I wish.

STEEM on an exchange has never made sense to me, I have 1000's more delegated out to accounts giving me fuck all in return and it's been the case for years now. I'm vested x3.

I think the Monday Morning Quarterback reviews will be fun to read. All of us, (well the ones like me), know nothing people can say he should have held this card closer, or not said this or that, did you hear @ned backtrack on how much he sold Justin?I like the part where SMT's are going to be released next week, I think that was right at the end. I think it will take time before he does anything with steemit.

Maybe he just wanted a Social media type site for all the gambles and high risk people to have a place to chat, and maybe earn a few Tron/Steem/Token combo's. Something more World Wide than We-Chat or whatever it is in China.

Good to read your take on the AMA thats what I took from it as well

If the Code Red Plan is there and we are watching that 75 million SP like hawks then maybe we can avoid the M.A.D. scenario that many of us fear.

A bit of brinkmanship and education for the new Steemit CEO is required - that's all :)

totally, and I think he's not so arrogant to accept that.

Pushing you to the front sir, speak up :)

I think Justin knows exactly what he bought and exactly how steem works. Let's hope for the best.

You would hope so, it just didn't seem the case when he was constantly confusing steem/steemit/STEEM.

'For now' grace period expired :)

So you did stop your powerdown, right? Coz I just copy what you do man, and if you're powering down, I am too - lol. You know, every time I have hit the power down button I've cancelled it like a day later. I am giggling at your hissy fit though. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when you threw your hands in the air.

Don't follow me i've not got a clue what to do!

One week powerdown, but i'm distracted cause......


I have almost 17 k steem and that's currently my life everything. Sad but true maybe I'll Just take like 25 % off and buy another coin

Same boat here. Fingers crossed.

I think its obvious the end goal is Steem(it) on Tron. For me its not a matter of are we going to tron but when.

I'd be surprised if he doesn't elect at least one or two of his TRON team members or some other cherry picked person as witinesses with his vote. Will that happen before or after the move to Tron is the question I have. Will Steemtron even have or need witnesses?

I'll likely put my thoughts down in a post tomorrow sometime. For now I'm just browsing the topic of others. One thing is certain, its an interesting time.

Yeah I think you are right, and the 'for now' grace period looks to have expired already

TLDR: He thought he could walk in here with a big pile of money. Tell people he pays dapp developers a salary and noticed his laptop was low battery and had to go. There was no guitar playing by ned.

haha :)

No farewell serenade, disappointing.

You powerdown or no powerdown not that important in present situation. It’s mostly personal risk tolerance and exposure. You know the thing I am liking the most is that the 6 steeminc employees now get paid by Tron; so they perhaps do not have to sell steem to meet their salary requirements! Hey, I am happy with that. In the meantime I have trust in the core developers like gtg, and smooth, and cool heads like blocktrades that the nuclear option is always there IF that is ever needed.

Other than that it’s business as usual and we may even get some media attention.

... . It’s mostly personal risk tolerance and exposure.

Correct :)

You know the thing I am liking the most is that the 6 steeminc employees now get paid by Tron; so they perhaps do not have to sell steem to meet their salary requirements!

A very good point! :D

It seems the 'do nothing' didn't last long, although these are still just words ...

That tweet is taken down by the way!

I will give it a PR blunder.

Yes I saw :)

Agree on the PR blunder, but it did show the original(future?) agenda...

Hey, @abh12345.

Okay, so I wasn't wrong about your posts yesterday—it's not been that often that I've seen you fired up (infact, I'd be hard pressed to come up with an incident—you're usually trying to defuse me the few times I get worked up. :)

As it is, though, I think you, and everyone else, were well within their rights to not be so keen on a Justin Sun takeover. I can't say I am. If he does end up leaving things as they are, but actually marketing and financing projects, great. I think I'm in watch and see mode, since Steemit Inc.'s track record on things, though greatly improved, still lingers back there, and Sun is more of an unknown quantity.

His reputation here on STEEM is kind of like what STEEM's is out there, so we'll see how that all goes.

On a topic that's not at all directly related to this post—I do have to say that even though Ned has been largely absent from things (which was better for everyone as a whole), and some have been saying he's had his revenge the community for everything they ever said against him for selling out, off, whatever—I'm glad he stayed on as long as he did instead of Dan Larimer.

Larimer has the technical genius to put some pretty magnificent blockchain work together, but what they're doing with EOS and such is not what I'm so interested in, even if VOICE turns out to be a hit. I kind of like this dysfunctional little family we've got going here, with our grassroots workarounds and so forth. :)

... you're usually trying to defuse me the few times I get worked up :)

Well I wouldn't say you are ever that fired up, just solid opinions and fair reasoning. I however can get a bit mardy at times, and perhaps should keep that off the chain.

As we have seen this morning 'for now' wasn't long at all, and it all feels a bit up in the air again.

I kind of like this dysfunctional little family we've got going here, with our grassroots workarounds and so forth. :)

Same here :)

Other than hitting the power down button, I was reading your post and nodding my head like...


Side note, even though it made me feel dirty, I signed up for a DL1ve account moments before the chat (on the off chance I got to type a question (in fact I'd just copied the "QQQQ: JUSTIN, WILL YOU USE YOUR STAKE TO VOTE ON CONTENT OR FOR WITNESSES" right before he finally answered it...lol). The fucking platform used the password I picked FOR MY USERNAME! Better yet, it won't let me change it for something like 30 days! Needless to say, I changed my pw immediately (it's a throwaway one I change up each time I sign up for something silly like this). Like I needed another reason to hate DL1ve... 😮 😂


I used my twitch account to login - so maybe that means I don't actually have a dlive account :)

You know the QQQQ was mine - that's my claim to fame :D Glad people picked up on it and spammed it home.

More news today though, 'for now' didn't last long - we are used to 'soon' meaning 2/3 years!

lol, I hit the power-down too yesterday. So you say it is safe to cancel pd "for now"?

Spoke too soon :O

I'm going to take a weeks worth to play with on the exchanges but yeah, 'for now' I think we are ok :)

the stats for this few weeks will be interesting to see. how much new acc, powerups, powerdowns, interactions... :)

Yesterday sparked one of the busiest powerdown days ever from what I saw in the DB, but I'm hoping it will have calmed down (some stopped) today.

it was a reaction thing. the activity spiked for sure, i am curious will account creation spike. anybody seen some tron people on the chain in all this craziness? :)

Indeed. Appreciate this overview Asher. 😘

Thanks Jill :) Seems just carry on as you were, have a lovely Sunday :)

Actually, i began a power down for the first time. It feels like a great opportunity to explore the sell feature in cryptoland is near. I am pretty excited about what going on actually. ❤🐧

A & E

"Arts & Entertainment"


Valentine's Day

Aww you fooled me for a moment - I saw up!

¿I fooled you? No way mate!! ...I am too straight to the point to fool nobody. :D

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Resteeming to support positivity. Who of the experts had drained battery?


Justin's battery was at 10% at the end of the chat. Sounded a bit like an excuse to end a bad date :D

I really don't understand his latest Tweet. So we are all going to move to Tron now? Does he even know how Steem Governs itself. I wish him luck if he respects the Steem community but if he thinks that it will change to suit him he is in for a big disappointment.

It does seem to fly in the face of what was mentioned yesterday. Although he must have a team of people/analysts, you do have to wonder if he's up to speed with Steem and all its intricacies.

I have been out of the loop these last few days and now just trying to catch up on all the news. Is there any recording of the AMA? Thanks.

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