What will your daily Steem activities look like in a year's time?

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'I have absolutely no idea' could well be the most suitable answer at present, but I'd like to hear some ideas.

My own image to try to portray many paths/options -A vineyard in France

Whilst Bitcoin and seemingly every other coin in my virtual portfolio continues to rise, STEEM isn't doing much. For me, this is not a reflection of the developments that are taking place though, and as I was reminded yesterday, STEEM was late to the party during the last bull run.

Steemmonsters, palnet.io, steem-engine, 3speak, etc, are providing Steem account holders with more and more activities to invest their time and money into, and the feeling is that we have only just started out on this next phase of development. I follow a number of people that like to provide almost daily insight into new additions to Steem, and right now they must be spoilt for choice on what to write and vlog about.

At present, I would say my daily Steem activities, in order of time spent, are: A top level post, Curating/Reading, Commentating, Steem-engine, Steemmonsters, Discord, and Drugwars.

Some of those are pretty clear as to the activity, but I'll add a bit more on the final four activities.

Steem-engine: Trading PAL tokens on steem-engine - I didn't see that one coming a few months ago! It's true though, I've realised that over the past week I have been checking the market frequently and dare I say it, earned more PAL trading than I have via content. The spread has has been huge at times (although not today) and it's been quite easy (i'm no expert) to sneak back and forth between PAL and STEEMP.

Steemmonsters: Gotta get those daily cards, just in case something like this happens:


Nothing amazing, but for 20 minutes work, a couple of dollars worth of cards.

Discord: Mostly getting bollocked for voting for shit content today, but it's not always that way :)

Drugwars: Err, not sure why but maybe those tokens will be worth something in the future, or not.

Hopefully, for the person seeking value/money v's time spent, these activities are ordered in what is likely to be earning me the most STEEM in relation to the time involved. I'm aware this is not everyone's approach to Steem (or at least they say it isn't), but this is how my brain is working, at least until I find a real job and can relax here a little more.

However, I'm pretty certain that the above is going to be ordered differently, with new entries and existing ones lost. Possible reasons and bizarre claims include:

  • EIP is likely to chop author rewards (including comments) and bring curation activities more to the fore. There are likely to be some accounts that no longer see the time/money cost in posting as worthwhile, and become more active as a curator.

  • Steem front-ends with own tokens x-fold the number of places to curate. Have you seen dtube's new front end? It seems there are different settings for the power you wish to vote with Steem and dtube coin DTC.

I've also heard the palnet.io could be allowing the user to unhinge their SP voting from their PAL voting. splintertalk.io is another, and that's just the past two weeks worth.

  • @steemmonsters blows up and all the early investors need to do is play 10 games each day and earn enough DEC for a $50 vote via a @splinterlands send

  • Downvoting shit-posts becomes the next big thing

  • drugwars is long gone, freeing up more time for the above :)

Anyway, you get the idea - changes on how your normie user like me Steems are afoot. At present, I'm trying to keep abreast of what's happening and where I should devote my time to use it most wisely, but I can see a point where some sort of decision has to be made on where to focus. Do I buy a shit-load of PAL or wait for the next big front-end? Do I dust off my camera, have a shave, and start earning some DTC's on the revamped dtube? Do I trail c-squared so I can be assured of a vote on a mostly naked @eveuncovered post?

Options galore here on Steem.

Wild predictions on your daily Steem activities in the future then.....




I am hoping that I am going to be able to post mostly naked pictures of myself rather than writing. Which reminds me, I should probably go to the gym and eat better before that - or perhaps aim for a fat kink?

If I had more time, I would like to run some podcasts or streams but I can't get it set up now.

Mostly, I am hoping to be able to engage more.

And I'm sure some ladies will be looking forward to that :)

Streaming more would be nice - games, thoughts, whatever you fancy. That's not been an option for me with the net in Spain, do we have a decent dlive alternative yet (maybe dtube is going live, or you will say vimmjob.tv)

More engagement, i didn't expect that one :)

Steem-engine's newest token - DADBOD

Total winner! :D



😂😂😂 This must happen!

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Probably the same mishmash of habits I have now ...lol.
I don't jump on every new thing, even if it's promising - I don't have the mental capacity for it anymore. It took me over a year of being on Steem before I got on Discord, and I still am not a big fan of Discord, it's just the only way to reach some Steemians (which makes no sense to me, but hey, what do I know).
As much as I could use the money, I can't bring myself to social-media (let's make that a verb, shall we?) in the most profitable way. The closest I get is when my VP is up I will run around distributing upvotes to random posts I haven't read, just to use it and rain pennies on others. That isn't strategic, except in the number-of-accounts-voted-in-the-engagement-leagues column, but as you know by my numbers there, it isn't game changing. ;) It's more like, I have free pennies, let's give them away. I don't understand people who have accounts and don't use their votes - manually or otherwise.

I like the word 'mishmash'.

So in summary, you will likely continue on without too much of a plan, splashing votes to those you follow.... as long as you have time to social-media, that is :) It's a good a plan as any!

LOL. Yep, sounds about right. I am not great at follow-through on grand plans. I'm way more of a day-to-day, seat-of-my-pants flyer. ;)

Hopefully in a year I can totally avoid any comments, and thoughts, and any ideas on the next HF. The first one, (HF20) was hard enough, the second one (HF21) seems like a nightmare, the third one I hope to completely 100% ignore no matter what I think about it good, bad or ugly. The one change I would really like to make and see for myself next year.

I do like how steemit is becoming more non-relevant on the steem blockchain, and I hope by this time next year we have more witnesses that are from some of the other front ends and dApps.

Steem is sitting at 3 $...activity is high...we pretend to be whales while in reality we are nothing close to that.

There are no plagiarists and abusers...the kraken ate them all...

And pokerstars integrate with the blockchain and accept steem as payment method...

That's how I I think things will look like. What? NO?

NO! Only $3, sheeesh!

The arrival of pokerstars sounds good - they are seemingly legit and have certificates to prove it?

There are no plagiarists and abusers

Ideas, not dreamland :)

The arrival of pokerstars sounds good - they are seemingly legit and have certificates to prove it?

Tbh that would be the best thing that could possibly happen. Do you know anyone who doesn't play poker? Just imagine those millions of transaction using this chain. Bang Bang in every corner of the Earth

Ideas, not dreamland :)

Oh cmon man...i feel devastated now

Poker is huge. Would it work as a blockchain based game, I think so. I'd probably burn some STEEM trying to beat @lizanomadsoul - I hear she's rather good.

I also don't really have an idea how's my steeming going to look in a year. My secret desire is to do some music covers, but I have a problem with myself that I hate (practicing) singing when there is someone else in the apartment (my dad) makes me so self-conscious. Not that he cares or anything, but I'd just prefer to be completely alone when practicing. It's silly it is not the same with instruments though.

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Gotta get over that I guess, just so you can practice more and be more productive. Is this singing the throat singing you showcased a few months ago?

Gotta get over that I guess, just so you can practice more and be more productive.

Yeah... I've played and sang even in front of my dad, but I still just don't like it. I don't know, a psychological issue that probably goes, only god knows how deep into my psyche, probably :P

Is this singing the throat singing you showcased a few months ago?

Heh, regular singing is what I've mostly done recently.

Posting for coin A
Posting for coin B
Posting for coin C
Posting for coin zed
Earned .001 Steem and 50,000 other coins.

Ha :)

Curating for coin AA due to 95% curator/5% author split?

Darn right I have 10 trillion of those coins I got make sure I get my ROI.

ROI via curation, how noble of you :)

Its interesting to notice some of the similarities between Steem and Splinterlands.
I've thought for a while now, that those with large stake particularly those who haven't earned it by posting, are less incentivised to post the bigger they get.
I write 50 comments for every post; because my SP is doing my earning (paid delegations and curation rewards), so its not worth my time to sit down for 3 hours and earn $2.50.
The bigger you are, the less your rewards come from your efforts, and the more passive they are.
The same thing is playing out on Splinterlands. I just crept over $2/day in passive income from leasing my cards out to other players. I plow that income back into buying cards, leasing them out too.... Its just like powering up curation rewards and following a trail.
I might still play occasionally; just like I'll still post from time to time, but its less about the grind and more of a 'cherry on top'.

Right. This is how I'd play the Steem game if I held your SP also. Hopefully some of the larger accounts will go the curation route instead of posting multiple times a day on a variety of alts following the next HF.

Nice move re: card delegations, you must have a nice stack these days :)

Hundreds of Flesh golems :)
As the price rises, more and more dolphins are going to start acting like orcas do currently.
Then the next wave will see the same kind of behaviour from today's larger fish.
It'll only ever be the newcomers who actually need to prove themselves and put in the hours.

Less posting and more curating hopefully with maybe a dtube video once a week. I am looking forward to review hunt as there is some big money on offer according to their pay out scale.

{I've also heard the palnet.io could be allowing the user to unhinge their SP voting from their PAL voting}

that would be cool!


I find my PAL VP close to or at 100% while my SP is in the low 80's. I know you have delegated SP out of your main and that it's an option but I would rather one account showing up in peoples vote list, you know?

Plus, the EIP changes are supposed to make people want to pool their resources into one account - delegating out is doing the opposite.

If there was an option on palnet.io to vote only with pal power (like on the new dtube site), would you bring your SP back to main and curate on both sites?

i was waiting for a slider, ie 10% 50% PAL etc.

i have set my alts to power down and will be combining all into one account. hopefully by time it's finished there will be options and EIP will be implemented. One account for me - all the rest is confusing lol. thanks for my 2c haha

Considering the changes right ahead, I think content creation will no longer be a reality, which doesn´t have to be a negative thing, but it will force us to become full-time investors in projects that might come up.

People will still create, but I think it will be those doing it for enjoyment, and not so much for the STEEM/PAL/SPT.

Exactly... But only time will tell!

Well I am playing steemmonsters, enjoying the wins and getting some cards and some DEC in the bargain. I am on palnet.io too. I post from there actually; I don't know why. Then there's steemit in all its glory. I think that is my focus for the time being. I am yet to trade on steem-engine. Besides I staked all my palcoin so there's that.

I feel that the increase in dapps, communities on the steem chain is the best thing ever. there's so much to do and there's space for more. Waiting on the price to get right then I can get a better data plan and divebomb all the other projects I am ignoring now.

With the new changes evovling on steemit daily, i can not really predict but i did not think it will change much from my present activities

Like I said, I started out just wanting to run the Steem Blockchain, see how it works and all (and then they closed it off to people like me, I guess).
So now I just like to use it like any other Social Media site, post my story, things I'm interested in, etc.
One thing I will say:
What may be a 'shit post' to one person, may be something another person just wants to share (like posting photos of their pets, etc.).

I find mysef thinkig about the same as I look to return to engaging more actively but time flies when I was gone and have no clue of what is going on. Hard Fork is surely top of mind but haven’t seen nearly as much about it than I would have thought. Splinterlands is my go to as it occupies me enough to get me busy!

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I used #spt for the first time today and so if you have some vested over there a little curation is coming your way (perhaps in triplicate if you have PAL vested too!)

I actually have both vested! Have to get back to it though as it was tough to manage while on the road burning through my roaming fees!

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I don’t think about it. I take it one day at a time. Anything can happen

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Makes sense :)

Steem will only get stronger and most will earn nothing here any longer.

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Sounds paradoxical :)

Earning via blogging could well be tough, especially if it's the main token you seek. Lots of options are starting to appear outside of STEEM though.

So far it did not worked for me (earning via blogging), not here.

I live in borrowed time so now, no future perspectives or plans.

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You don't earn nothing! You earn a pittance, sure, but more than nothing. And if you multiply a pittance by 100, it's something!

I will continue posting freewrites and making puns. I'll continue writing for @steemfiction. I see no changes for my steem-havior on the horizon. I like what I do!

Maybe the future will fund my web series, and I'll be using steem as both the funding and sharing platform for Gentle Werewolf.

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I do not live long enough to multiply the pittance, perhaps it will be a nice treat for my kids one day.

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Unless the value of steem rises to $40 by next year!

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I might make it till then, I hope till the youngest is 18

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Honestly, it's not working for anyone - earning enough to live off at present anyway.

I do feel things will get a little better, but gone are the days of making 1000's from a selfie with your cat (not that you produce this content!) :)

I was not joining Steem at that time... means a selfie do not belong to eachother and the cats died 🤔.

I write as long as I like it and am able to.


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gone are the days of making 1000's from a selfie with your cat

Now you tell me...

Vineyard first image, wine, first advert 👍🏽


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