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RE: Hey YOU!!! Yes you. Do you like shiny things? And STEEM! Well, get yourself some physical STEEM memorabilia before it's gone (which is 4 days from now)

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It's cool they accept crypto, and silver is great, but more than $40 USD for an ounce is hard to pay. Those who are into collectibles may indeed appreciate it, though. For me, I can get ounces of 999 in hand for under $25 CAD, so if I can afford to save it will probably be that.
One reason this isn't selling well might be that STEEM is so low right now. Nobody wants to spend their STEEM when it's this depreciated. I think people are hoping it goes back up out of the bottomless pit before they spend it.


Good points @Drutter, I used STEEM last year but this year didn't even consider it. Well, if STEEM does make a comback in price maybe I can flip one of my rounds for more STEEM? Fingers crossed.