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I’m excited to announce the release of a passion project with the mission of delivering the coolest Steem branded apparel in the world: Steemstyle.

The Importance of Design

As Creative Director for Splinterlands and the UX/UI designer for Steem Keychain, design is kind of my thing. One of the things that has always bothered me about the Steem ecosystem is that there was no high quality, beautifully designed apparel.

Building a Culture

People don’t join “technologies”. They join communities, based on the culture. We want the culture of the Steem community (and all of the sub-communities within it!) to be as appealing as possible.

Apparel and merchandise plays a huge part in that.

I love Steem, and I personally want to be able to wear apparel that doesn’t just broadcast my membership of this crazy culture--but also makes people on the street think, “I don’t know what that is, but I want to be a part of it!” That’s why I created Steemstyle, for myself and for anyone else who wants to broadcast their Steem-membership to help onboard the masses!

Steemit Apparel!

But wait, there’s more!

I am extremely excited to announce that Steemit, Inc. has given me permission to use their trademark in the Steemstyle store! So if you’ve been waiting for beautiful Steemit brand apparel, but haven’t found what you’re looking for, I think your wait is over!

Splinterlands Gear!

The same goes for Splinterlands, everybody’s favorite blockchain game.

Prepare yourself for amazing designs, featuring your favorite characters!

Steemstyle is LIVE!

The official launch of the STEEMSTYLE store is NOW.

To celebrate, we are offering a 48 HOUR promo code to save 15% OFF!

Use promo code LAUNCHPARTY to get your discount! But be quick. This offer expires in 48 hours!

Visit the Steemstyle website at:

Be sure to follow @steemstyle-io for more information about Steemstyle and what we’re trying to accomplish with this new Steem-powered business.


What are you hoping to get from Steemstyle? Let me know in the comments below!




To bad they don’t have my sizes. Would love to buy some but need everything in Tall

My wife adds all the products.

She says there's a Tall shirt option available to us. She'll try to add a Tall product to the store later today.

Okay, some Tall shirts have been added. Feel free to let me know if you see a particular design missing.

bought one

Bought a Tall T-Shirt because I love you! not because i need a t-shirt


Could use a Hoody. Must also be in Tall.

Would love a large steem logo in front

URL to steem or steemit in back somehow maybe with the slogan.

You guys rock!!!

Great idea! I would like to see unique & creative designs and real photo-shoots if possible. (seeing that it's photoshopped is no good)

For sure!

Part of the plan is to reward STYLE tokens (Steem Engine token) to customers who blog or vlog themselves wearing the products...It would be cool to eventually have a huge library of images that showcase REAL Steemians wearing REAL products.

Cost of shipping to Europe?

It depends on the product. In fact, our supplier does have a fulfillment center in Europe, so there's a good chance that the speed and cost of delivery may be very reasonable. I recommend placing your desired items in the cart. You can get an estimate on shipping (based on the size/weight of selected items) without actually paying for the product.

Great idea man, I always though that the one thing Steemit was lacking was some good promotional tools. I definitely would rock some STEEM gear and tell people about it.

Only thing is once you start explaining it people's eyes glaze over and they begin to tune you out. I've tried unsuccessfully to explain it to a few people over the past week and it totally went over their heads.

Agreed! And long overdue! I can't believe nobody thought of this and I can't believe I didn't either. This is either going to be a complete flop or extremely successful. Let's hope it's the latter :) Nice work!

I would like to believe that once Steemit gets the onboarding issues sorted and the marketing side of the house begins with initiatives that communicates clearly to potential new comers the advantages of being a part of the Steemit community, your attemps at winning people over will become a lot easier.

Nice idea!
What if you want to buy a shirt and pay with STEEM? Just asking.
Big hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

P.S. I created this T-Shirt a year ago ;-)

Haha, the mannequin stuff is so creepy, funny, and awesome at the same time!

We're not accepting Steem yet. I'm sure we will at some point (in fact, the Steem Keychain development is already complete). But who's going to spend their Steem when market values are so low, right?

When the time is right, we'll make an announcement about accepting Steem.

I will, but I only pay in STEEM

Nice! :D

I've been working on my own shop (great minds think alike?) especially after SteemFest where the 'unisex' shirts that were handed out didn't really fit my not so unisex body :D I have still not found the dropshipper that has great styles for women that I was also able to connect to Steem Payments - so that's pretty much what slowed me down the past few months. Great to see some awesome Steem Styles for sale now - congratz :-)

Yeah, I feel ya.

It's taken a long time to finally get to this point. So many unexpected hurdles.

Let me know if you need any help!

Exactly :D When I got Steem Payments to work I realized that I had lost sight of my original intentions for the shop and had to start over again :')

Anyway, good luck, and if I pick it up again I'll make sure to get in touch! Cheers!

Hi nate! If I pay with Paypal, can I get international shipping? (from US to South Korea) This is awesome!! :D

Yes, international shipping is available for South Korea.

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Thanks for answering :)

Great to see some new apparel.

These two are my favorites, really great designs on them.



are beautiful and have for all ages for kids and adults i enjoyed good luck with project

Good idea.. Really people don't join community they join vision.

Very awesome. You did a great job. I am a huge fan of marketing. Thank you!

This is an excellent initiative. Already, I have visited the store and I am impressed - to say the least. Cheers to the team.


I have just visited the site, I have no doubt that the Steemstyle branded merchandise will rock. Kudos.


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The Splinterlands gear is sweet! I will probably be grabbing some stuff!

building the cult ... not half a bad idea

(cc-by / gpl ...)

Yup, waving our flag!

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Awesome idea! Website looks nice.

Someone could have asked this already but I don't know if it is a plan down the road to accept crypto as a payment method, obviously specifically STEEM, SBD or BTC. I have no idea if this is possible with volitality and so forth but that definitely could be a cool option at checkout & real world use of Steem ecosystem down the road.


And yes, eventually we will accept STEEM as a payment method. We just wanted to make sure the business was sustainable first (capable of paying any bills/expenses with fiat) before we flipped the switch on the Steem Keychain integration.

Woah! Steemit aparel and splinterland gear is cool, I just checked the shop and I love the spinter hoodie and the mugs I hope I can buy them soon... ^^

Very cool, we need things like this in order for Steem to truly go mainstream!

@nateaguila, This is awesome news brother. Just checked the website, really cool one and in my opinion this space will going to get effective recognition soon. Thank you so much for letting us know and stay blessed.

Looking pretty good and covered quite a broad of Steem figures, apps and games from the space. All tribes should identify themselves and trough style is the way to do it.

Looking smooth so far good job on this.

comment rail, lol
Great stuffs there, hope someone buy me on my birthday haha


Awesome idea! I’d love to see the addition of STYLE tokens 🤙🏽

Wow those are pretty cool design! This is what STEEM ecosystem needs! Thank you for building this platform for everyone!


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Great information

I hope i can make and put my merch here hehe😁😁✌

Is it also the idea that tribes can utilise this to sell fundraising merch?

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We are the founders of the special Russian-speaking project @splinterlands-ru, for popularisation the game in our language.

We have translated to share in Russian this yours launch porject post!
Hope, you appreciate it and bekind to support! =)

We know the guy - Splinterlands player from Russia, some months ago he was talking about pendants and key ring trinkets (if it right translation) he can make as the Monsters from any card of the Splinterlands. So we'll notice him to contact with you!)

Thanks for the post.

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