Splintertalk - UNPACKING - day 2

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Hello friends

Yesterday I started opening my 300 unpacked bundles of UNTAMED cards.


19 hours ago I opened 5 packs and got this result...

Packs Checked - 5
USD - 12.455
STEEM - 104.610
SBD - 20.867
DEC - 14743.134

Today I decided to open 10 packs - let's see what we got ...











There were no legendary or gold cards this time.
Although I used potions, but they did not help.

Let's see the result of unpacking 10 packs ...

NameQuantityPrice ($)
Tortisian Chief11.820
Azmare Harpoonist11.180
Light Elemental10.970
Wizard of Eastwood10.600
Mother Khala10.550
Cursed Slimeball30.540
Tower Griffin10.380
Parasitic Growth20.340
Elven Mystic10.260
Failed Summoner20.248
Living Lava10.240
Death Elemental10.220
Giant Scorpion40.208
Unicorn Mustang10.200
Crystal Jaguar30.198
Giant Squid10.180
Dark Astronomer10.170
Serpentine Spy10.140
Goblin Thief10.136
Feasting Seaweed10.134
Undead Badger20.128
Lone Boatman10.115
Sniping Narwhal10.110
Goblin Fireballer20.104
Tortisian Fighter10.095
Magma Troll10.071
Kobold Bruiser10.060
Elven Defender10.060
Orc Sergeant10.049

Packs Checked - 10
USD - 10.914
STEEM - 92.134
SBD - 18.200
DEC - 13143.064

I’m a little saddened - this is two times worse than yesterday.

Today I will not draw conclusions - it is too early, because there are still 285 packs left. Tomorrow I will open 15 packs and it will be 10% of the total.

And then it will be possible to draw intermediate conclusions - I will predict what I will get after opening all the packages. I don’t know if I will be able to predict the result of 10% of open packs of cards.

Time will tell!
I got these statistics using the package analyzer tool - which was kindly provided to us by @reazuliqbal, for which many thanks to him!

You can read about it in his post: Some Splinterlands Tools and Personal Achievements

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Great cards and nice article. Keep the SPT content coming.

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