Finally, I can STAKE and POWER UP again...

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A week ago, I set myself the challenge of not powering up Steem and not staking tokens for 7 days to see how much liquid Steem and all of the residual tokens I was generating from the ones that I had already staked.

The reasoning is pretty simple: when you power up your Steem every day it's easy to lose track of how well you're actually doing. Also, Steem Engine doesn't tell you the value of your tokens if they are all staked. It just reads zero or $0.00 and you have to click on "sell" and then put your staked token amount into the selling window and click the current sell price, just to see how much your tokens are worth.

It's a lot of unnecessary hassle that I hope will be easily fixed with a bit of programming. I'd also like to see in the token history the price at which you gained the token, so you can see more accurately whether or not you are making a profit. But that's another post for another time.

This is a side by side comparison of what my Steem Engine wallet amounts looked like before and after the challenge:

Steem Engine Wallet comparison.jpg
There's US$10.86 difference here

Disclaimer: While there is a difference of US$10.86 here, it's slightly misleading because the price of my Splinterlands BETA booster tokens had gone up in price in that time, due to the booster packs running out. This amount fluctuates all of the time, plus I sold some of the booster tokens pushing up my Steem Pegged amount slightly.

Beta Pack Price 2.jpg
The Beta Price is now worth more than I paid for them. Could you resist selling some now?

This is just a random selection of residual tokens compiled together.

Gamer Tokens.jpg
Residual Tokens.jpg

But the result that is most of most interest to me is the Steem Wallet amounts.

Steem Wallet final.jpg
19.768 Liquid Steem and 18.569 Steem Power difference

Disclaimer: I uploaded a video to DTube that paid out nearly 7 Steem and there were a few things that paid around another 8 Steem Power in curation rewards and so on.

In real terms I am generating around about 12 Steem and 10 Steem Power a week.
I know that I could be doing a lot better than this, and maybe you already do, but it's a good experiment to try some time.

Just be aware that you're fighting against time when you power up and stake tokens because of the interest generated.
Any delays in doing so can affect future financial outcomes, etc. I will not be held responsible for any lost potential interest 20 years from now (tongue, firmly in cheek!).

It's a good thing to both power up and stake tokens occasionally for the residual interest and it's just a good idea to *reinvest in the block-chain itself.

None of this is financial advice.

Shaidon Cartoon Steem Engine.jpg
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