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Hy friends, how are you all doing today? Thanks so much for stopping by today am so grateful you did. I hope you are doing well and you are keeping safe at home at the moment. Glory to our maker in heaven for a great and marvelous day that he has made may his name be praised forever. Amen.

I hope you guys are still rumbling more games at the moment, and I know more better rewards are coming your way as well. I don’t usually rumble much game again ever since the introduction of power that is attached to rating points.

My daily quest for today was with the death splinter card which was used to complete my quest for the day. It went well even though I suffered just few defeats and this was because I was not using my winning strategy from the beginning. But later on I bounced back and dealt with my opponents.

Thanks so much for your quality time and effort spent on my post am so grateful you read this today I appreciate a lot. As always you have to ensure you continue to stay safe at all time to the best of your abilities, continue to be good help the needy around you at all times take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Bye for now.


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