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It's giveaway time I'm going to do it a little bit different this there will be two winners I will explain further so to take part you must follow rules if you do not follow the rules you will have no chance of winning InShot_20190905_091707300.jpg


1 upvote and follow

2 comment which card you want if you win please pick two first choice and second choice

3 tag someone who might be interested in this giveaway
I just wanted to explain rule 2 further so you will need to pick to cards so that when the winner is picked they will get the first choice and the runner up will get second choice.
The way the winner's are picked is by writing all names down on paper and putting all names into a hat give it a good shake and pick one name out that will be the winner then I will pick out a second name that will be the runner up if you would like a extra name added to the hat just follow all rules and resteem this post please don't forget to tell me if you resteem this post so I can add extra name to the hat good luck everyone and big thanks to everyone who has taken part in my previous giveaways and also big thanks in advance to everyone who takes part in this giveaway even if you don't take part a upvote and resteem would be great thanks again good luck


Sea Genie plz
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