Happy Sunday: Recognizing My Investment

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I didn't realize I had such an investment in my Splinterlands Account.

Last December I started playing Splinterlands with my four year old kid, as I thought it would be a cool project for us. He would learn the basics of buying and selling, gaming strategies, and we would spend some time together, doing something we both enjoy.

I sometimes let him get on the account and "mess around." This demotes me down to bronze league and lowers my capture rate significantly.

It is fun, we enjoy it.

Then recently, I started looking more closely on my Steem Blockchain activities.

And remembering my initial goals: to invest like I would in a website (hosting fees, etc), let my SP build up naturally, and spend the liquid rewards.

I have not been spending the liquid rewards, I have been hoarding them and keeping them and using them to grow my account. Which is fine, but you don't bring people to steem by showing them that you can grow an account.

You bring them by showing them that $50 bucks you made off porn (LOL - in my life had I thought I would make money off porn, yet here I am).

While I still have not found what product or service I am going to offer, so that I can make money on the blockchain instead of OFF the blockchain, I have found that my splinterlands account can MAKE ME MONEY.

I have been selling my DEC and selling my reward cards daily, and I am finding that I make WAY more steem than my blogs do. It's kind of sad actually given that my writing is SO GOOD!

And I don't have to wait 7 days $$$$$ to have it be liquid.

And I often leave my capture rate at 100%!

And the prices are holding in USD even though STEEM is tanking, making it a GREAT way to build more steem. Except then I remind myself that I am using liquid rewards to take myself to the movies from now on...

I guess those 9 months of playing and stacking cards and buying cards to get a little stronger were more than just fun and games.

Sorry, kid. You don't get to play SteemMonsters anymore - mama is getting to gold league!

Maybe I will get him his own account.

ps. My gamer account is @monstermama



I'm very bullish on blockchain gaming in general, and Splinterlands in particular. I've also been dabbling in Prospectors on EOS, just to see what else is out there.
It's going to turning gaming on its head, and we're very fortunate to be here so early :)

I have had my Ass Kicked more than once by @monstermama .......Yes you are a good writer, but going forward that is not going to Earn that much Steem in my opinion like it used to.......

I don’t know what makes me happier, that I kicked your ass or that you like my writing ;)

I def. see the writing scene fading into the background. No biggie - we grow with the changes.

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Yes, @metzi Steem will change I think dramatically as people find Their Niche. I Think I heard @exyle say it Best in a recent VLOG, Steem is Becoming more of a business minded platform where people will find ways to earn Steem by other ways than writing daily BLOGS.........

Hey @metzli wow that's great to hear that! Wow! You are already in Silver League 1! I am on Silver League II but it was damn hard work getting there!

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Sometimes I make it to gold league just in time for the season rewards.

The payouts are nicer in gold league but hard to get to.

Maybe I should upgrade my summoners.

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This is one I wish I had more interest in.... gahhhh
Every one talked about t even then and it has really gone next level

Good for you
And yes, maybe your little champ needs his own account :D