Finally made it to DIAMOND 3! Here's the cards that I am renting.

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Screenshot (67).png
I finally made it to Diamond 3 and I am only around 400 points away from reaching my season gold of Diamond 1. Its going to be tough but I hope I can make it to D1. This was possible only due to the cards I have rented right now through peakmonsters. The great thing about renting is that it only costs you a fraction of what it would cost to buy them.

With a lot of help from @byzantinist and all the other people in the SM discord who helped me in choosing what cards I should rent, I decided to rent Earth and Water splinters. This is also partly because prior to renting cards, I was well versed with the above mentioned cards as I usually played with them. I also used to play with life a lot but Life splinter isn't really that good at higher leagues.

Screenshot (70).png

The cards that I rented are as shown above . I have rented them for 30 days and it will cost me approximately 24$ which includes the daily + escrow fees. The cards that I have rented are at around 2-4% monthly ROI. Most of the good deals with 0.5-1% ROI were already taken.


Screenshot (68).png

Earth is really OP in the higher leagues specially if you have Prince Rennyn but in my case I don't because there's wasn't one available. I got Selenia Sky instead which is a very good summoner.

The triple heal combination with Flesh Golem+Wood Nymph+Spirit of the Forest is a killer combo in my opinion. That with a Selenia lead and some ranged like Earth Elemental(which also has heal) and Swamp Thing is a great team if I have the required mana.

Mushroom Seer and Goblin Sorcerer are nice additions to those.

Water + Lord Anus:

Screenshot (69).png

For water, Ruler of the Seas is a must! The 4 magic + additional 2 magic attack wrecks the team. It also gives other benefits like +1 speed to allies and -1 magic to enemies which is great. I use it with the Spineback Turtle which counters melee attacks and Crustacean Crab which heals as well as gives +2 armor. Instead of the Turtle I sometimes use Lord Arianthus(or Lord Anus for short) which is a great card with Thorns, Magic reflect, Shield as Void as a result it acts as an excellent tank.

Saber Shark is also a great card which has sneak and can also acts as a decent tank once the first one dies out. It buys me enough time to finish the team with Ruler of the Seas. I use Water elemental and Pirate Archer when I can. They can be good additions to the team. I might be getting some more magic attack cards soon.


Screenshot (72).png

I got the Chromatic Dragon just for the Earthquake rule. For that I use Selenia Sky, Chromatic Dragon, Spirit of the Forest, Pixie and some Earth monsters.

And that's how I made it to Diamond! I am getting around 1200-1400 DEC everyday which will easily make up for the renting costs. Its better to buy cards but if you don't have that kind of money, renting is a great option.

This is my first post through SteemAce which recently did their giveaway. I think it is a great addition to steem. There are two tribes for gaming i.e steemace and battlegames and I love both of them. I think there's no need to compete and both of them can exist simultaneously. To know more about steemace click here.

If you don't play splinterlands, what are you waiting for? Click here to do so. I assure you this game is insanely fun!

If you start playing using the above link, let me know and I will send some you some cards.



Renting really seems to be a great option for active players with only a few cards. Did you try tournaments already?

I have tried a few but most of the times the ones I have rented weren't allowed lol. I might need to rent 1 more deck if I ever make it to champion that's for sure. Renting is great I reached Diamond 1 already lol.
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¡Wow! Admiro a las personas como tú, que dan información del juego sin mezquindad. Otros no compartirían los consejos que tú das, ¡este post es oro puro! lo guardé para alquilar cartas más adelante o cuando se me venza las que tengo. ¡Gracias!

I had to put that to google translate and it gave me this

Wow! I admire people like you, who give information about the game without pettiness. Others would not share the advice you give, this post is pure gold! I saved it to rent letters later or when I am due to expire. Thank you!

I am assuming you meant cards instead of letters lol. I am glad you find my advice valuable. BTW you won my last giveaway. I'll be sending you the card shortly. Congratulations!
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Hola, jaja. Bueno, no escribí tarjeta en mi texto, pero supongo que Google traductor hizo de las suyas otra vez 😂. ¡Gracias! Voy a revisar el concurso que gané 🤗

that's really awesome time to move up the next level : )

Of course! I'm gonna be a champion!

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Well done - Congrats - I am investing into some DEC later again even fearing it makes no sense hence I hardly have luck getting good cards recently.

Its actually better to buy individual cards than to buy packs but packs could net you some good cards too. I'd weigh the risk to the rewards before buying too many packs.
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Yeah I know - I was used to buy individual cards to focus on strengthening my decks - but the fun and lottery factor of buying packs and ORBs with these potions did hit me :-).

Oh yeah definitely. I opened one pack and then ended up opening 10 more immediately xD
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Greetings, @rahul.stan

Congratulations for you achievment. Very nice cards

Have a great SteemMOnsters game

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Congrats for the Diamond 3 🤩Hoping you reach your next goal soon!!

Love the healing combinations :D Can't wait to get my cards that high too :)

Yeah the triple heal is awesome lol.

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What would be a good killer deck in your opinion? I was actually looking into renting as well. Might not be one right but reading your post seems like you have many cards you are renting, which ones would be your go to deck.

Can you reach me at Discord chronocrypto.