2. Splinterlands Tournament by SteemAce - 170 Steem prize | Sign-up for GG!

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It's time for our second SteemAce tournament in Splinterlands. We are excited to give away 170 Steem to the winners. We will be hosting such tournaments on a regular basis. Keep on reading for more information about them. But first here are the details about the next tournament.

  • It's a silver tournament
  • No legendary cards allowed
  • Entry: 100 GG
  • Prizes: 170 STEEM
  • Time: 26.07.2019 - 16:00 UTC

Sign-up to the tournament now!

1. How to get GG Tokens

GG Tokens can be earned on our SteemAce community platform for gaming content. The three easiest ways to get GG Tokens are:

  • Be a content creator and get upvotes
  • Use your staked GG Tokens and vote others content
  • Buy them directly on the market

There are even more ways to get GG. We already have and will be hosting even more tournaments without entry fee where you can earn GG Tokens. Another way is to earn them passively through mining. Everything you need is one of the GGM miners, stake them and wait for your rewards.

2. Future of SteemAce Tournaments

Our plan is to constantly host different kinds of Splinterlands tournaments. Some will charge a fee, others will be free.

  • Free entry, GG Tokens as prizes
  • GG entry, Steem and other things as prizes

The great thing is, that you can always earn the entry fee of our premium tournament for free.

3. GG Tokens for Sale

There are not many sellers on the market at the moment. Seems like not many are willing to sell for these cheap prices. We decided to take a very small part of our Sell Wall (10k) and offer it for the actual market prize of 0,06 Steem per Token. Everyone who wants to join the tournament but doesn't have any GG yet, can buy the small entry fee easily. We will delete the rest of the sell wall once the tournament starts.

Good luck to everyone!

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Greetings, @steem-ace

Excelent news, man!! I will try to join this tournament!! I saw it now on SteemMonsters site and have excelent prizes

thank ytou and have a good night

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