SteemAce GUILD in Steemmonsters - Want to join?

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You are an active SteemAce user and are looking for an guild in Steemmonsters/Splinterlands?

Join our Free Guild

We have bought a lot of DEC so we are able to offer another advantage for our SteemAce users. We have created a level 5 guild in Steemmonsters and the level can be increases even more if it's needed. Everyone with the following requirements can join us for FREE.

  • You need to be an active player
  • You need to have at least 1,000 GG staked

All costs for buildings will be paid by SteemAce. You only need to have GG and we will pay for all DEC costs!

You can read about the advantages of a guild here:

If you want to join you can just send a request in Steemmonsters. We will look if you meet all the requirements and accept your request.

SteemAce guild.jpg

(Rewards of this post go 100% to except for GG tokens)

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Greetings, @steem-ace

Excelent guild created!!!!!! It will help a lot of people on steemmonsters.

thank you for this

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Looks interesting. I'm a little short of 1000 gg, not much.... I need a day or 2 from post payouts and I'll be over 1k and I'll join

You are sooo close, we can make an exception if you reach it in a few days. If you want to join now you can send a request and I will accept you.

atm i got 12 gg staket but im working on getting the rest.
if i have the rest off the gg i will aply

invite me :)

I will be looking to join. Thank you for your services.

I missed the stake requirement. How can it both be free and require a stake? Vote removed. You will just have to reject my request.

It's free in terms of there is no requirement to pay any DEC, because that's all paid by SteemAce.
It's a guild for SteemAce users. To proof you are a SteemAce user the requirement is 1,000 GG staked. 1,000 GG are collectable without paying anything.
It may take a while so we decided to also accept users with less GG staked as long as there is at least something staked. The requirement overall stays the same. If we reach a point where our guild is full (we will also upgrade at least one more time until then) and someone with 1,000 GG staked wants to join our guild, we have to remove someone not meeting the requirement. But there is probably a lot of time left to collect enough GG until then. We will also give a warning early enough.

I was going to call you captain obvious until you actually provided some useful information. Well Met.