Welshies (not so) daily @steemmonsters update

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It's been one of those days in the @splinterlands. Started today's DQ at 2354 and pulled DEATH!! For some reason the game rules just didn't fall my way, plus I kept getting matched to opponents 200+ points higher.... You can guess the results??!!??

I quickly fell out of GOLD II and back into GOLD III. OK, I thought, I should start winning a few matches now and be matched up to similar lvl players. WRONG!!

The beat-down continued..... So after getting my backside handed to me time after time, and with only 1 win to my name I decided to switch out DEATH and test my luck with a different splinter.

All I kept saying yo myself was "please, not FIRE. PLEASE NOT FIRE".....

Today's DQ splinter: FIRE

Although I actually have some good cards in the FIRE splinter, I've found that the stratagies for playing this splinter doesn't suit my style in any league silver or above.

I find the FIRE splinter very weak against the higher lvl cards and no combo I can come up with does me any good.




So after many, many, many, many, many, many many, many, many matches, I finally got the 5 wins needed to claim my daily reward cards.

It's a very funny old game, for every 3 games with the FIRE splinter id lose, I'd win 1 match with another splinter. This meant my overall point fell but not by too much. I ended up completing my DQ in GOLD III but with a few cheeky wins before claiming, I worked my way back to GOLD II with 2215 points.

This means 7 extra cards:


A very nice GF Wood nymph to add to my collection. I'm not having the same luck as @goldmatters is eith pulling goldfoils, but now I know his secret and will be trying it out tomorrow.



Thank you for your continued support

I don't really know, but I'm guessing the fact he has max potions for GF and Legendary cards helps a little. Hahaha

I am using the gold potion at 25%, didnt pull a gold card until 220 charges had gone.