Getting my ass kicked while trying for a SteemFest Ticket in a Splinterlands Tournament

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@happymax, @beeyou, @goldfashioned, @pkocjan, @lord-of-fire, @endgegner, @planosdeunacasa and @kobold-djawa are currently still fighting their battles on the SteemFest Splinterlands Tournament - while I got already kicked out thanks to the more capable player @planosdeunacasa :-)

I'm not one of the more active players for sure, but I did try to upgrade my deck for this Tournament in the hopes that would bring me one step closer to @steemfest in Bangkok coming November.

I'd already been beaten before by a few of the current players, and I think beforehand I thought @louis88 might get very very close to winning, but alas, it didn't happen.

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 18.18.03.png

Battles! Arena!

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 18.18.40.png

That's my name being crossed out :')

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 18.17.51.png

Since this was basically my first experience with playing Tournaments I didn't expect to win but I gotta tell you: I was actually having sweaty hands right before the start!

  • Would I click the wrong cards?
  • Would I still be missing cards that could win that one fight?
  • Would time run out before the battle starts?
  • Would a sudden problem appear on my laptop or internet connection?
  • Would I maybe maybe maybe get to the end and lose the final deciding battle? (Somehow that seems worse to me than losing in the second round)

Anyway. Cool experience, but I'm no step closer to getting to Bangkok this November. Whoever is winning right now/in the next 20-30 minutes: congratulations and enjoy your well-deserved SteemFest ticket + Accommodation! \0/

I'll just go cry in a corner.

For other contests and chances to win check out @anomadsoul's blog - if you can walk 15000 steps each weekend or get a lot of users onto the new ReviewHunt Platform you still have a chance to win a ticket! Cheers :-)

Update: @goldfashioned won!


Congrats to @goldfashioned, big hugs for the pain of almost winning to @beeyou, and cheers to everyone who played.

I know it's not visible from the screenshot but I ended on place 11 out of 26 players, really really average :P


Damn Silver-League - Double-Rule. Everything can happen.

Shit happen's - Heads Up - wait for a next Chance.
See ya on the Fields.

I didn't even realize there was a 'double rule' :D I'm such an inexperienced player!

I hope there will be a next chance. I can't walk 15000 steps unfortunately - maybe try the ReviewHunt contest but it will only be clear half October if you win a ticket, that's too late for me to still buy a flight.

So despite everything this might have been my best chance of going to Bangkok - hope you'll get lucky next time @louis88!

Yes, I will take a closer look at the Reviewhunt story... but as you say... it's very close to getting a good flight to Bangkok. Alone my budget planning for the Steem Fest 4 includes about 1500 Euro... A gain of ticket and hotel would make the decision to travel a lot easier for me if not even that I immediately decide for a YES I travel.

For a trip to Bangkok I would also have to plan 3 weeks to make the trip worth it. Only because of the lectures and because of the Steemians I do not travel so far for 5 days.

Exactly - October is too late for most Europeans to still find a reasonably flight ticket. And the flight is long enough to need a few days before and after at least to make it worth it, I agree. SteemFest 3 broke me - I was still tired weeks after :D

I made a budget only for 5-7 days and indeed it's that expensive. 1500 euros is a lot of money which I can't miss right now. Winning one or two 'items' (ticket/flight/hotel) would make it more reasonable for me to go too. In STEEM it's almost 8000 STEEM :')

Anyway, fingers crossed, things happen, keep on trying! <3

Imagine winning that tournament 😱 such a huge prize has to feel like winning a lottery. I hope to be capable of fighting you(re cards) once. You were the one donating my first card.

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Wow! A ticket and accommodation for winning a tournament?!! Such a bummer you are out. I hope some magic steemfest fairy creates a path that gets you to Bangkok.

Yes! The offer is incredible :D Thanks to @blocktrades sponsoring us all so much with tickets. Only four more players left to win it all!

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 18.42.15.png

I didn't know there was a tournament for steemfest... No matter, I would have gotten my butt kick just by thinking I could hang with the big boys 😁 I'll stick to my bronze 3 where I only get a beating now and again.

Hahaha - yes, from what I'm seeing now I guess it's really experience that makes it possible to win here, not even which cards you have because it was 'capped' at Silver League. But there were 'double rules' so definitely complicated for less experienced players.

Are you trying to go to SteemFest @meditations?

I would to go. Not only have I always wanted to be to Thailand but I am going more and more into everything steem can do.

Right now money is tight so it's a no go for me... Hopefully some year though

:-) I completely understand. It's the same for me. I went last year though - and it's worth it. So just start saving up now (even if it's 1 dollar a week or 1 STEEM a month :D) for 2020 and you won't regret it :-)

Sounds like a good goal to earn for... Right after I buy one more steem monster pack. Sounds like an amazing experience.

good luck finding some other way to SF4.
Speaking about ass kicking I am once again struggling in bronze 2. It seems like nothing is working in this season.

It's a struggle but a fun process of learning how to play and what to do

fair enough.

@beeyou kicked me out in the first round (BO1). It was a though one - without the legendary cards, I'm basically lost, lol.

2 minutes before the tournament started, the battery of my laptop died. I wasn't in time to restart everything, so I had to play on my phone. I guess it wasn't meant to be, lol.

Glad to hear you enjoyed your tournament. I was surprised to see your name in the list :0)

The pain, the pain! Lol, I’m surprised I even got that far. I’m on the road and didn’t expect to even have internet connection on my phone. It was definitely a tough competition. I hope you are able to get to steemfest and meet the winner there.

:D I hope you recovered in the meanwhile. Will you try to go to SteemFest despite not winning this ticket? :-)

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The game has become quite competitive these days! Winning tournaments is really tough no matter the Division played at as there are some skilled players out there!

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