Conspiracy - Conquer Europe! but don't forget to betray your allies...

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Conquer Europe! but don't forget to betray your allies...



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A different and real tactical and strategy game. The game where you learn original diplomacy skills.
This game is created with great programming skill and effort. Negotiate with other players, make alliances, get assistance from allies, fight enemies and more the interesting part is betraying your allies in the correct time, that too determine the victory of your gameplay and conquering entire Europe.

You will learn the real-world strategy and tactical through this game, deploy your troops, order them, seize, and win.

– Control one of the great European empires at the dawn of the 20th century.
– Give orders to your troops on each turn after conciliation with your allies.
– Get support from your allies to help your expansion.
– Betray your allies when they don’t expect it.
– Conquer new centers to enlarge your army.
– Get 18 centers to win the game!


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