A 99 Mana Cap Fight in Splinterlands

in #steemitlast year


I just got into a 99 Mana Cap fight and I was literally clueless as to what should I do. Splinterlands Untamed was just released today and it seems a lot of new features are coming out as well. So as for this 99 Mana Cap fight I also had two Rules of Combat which were Aim True which was ok for me and the Rise of the Commons which was not ok for me as it meant I couldn't play and High Mana Legendary or Epic Cards.


While I was thinking what to do the Time was running out so I just randomly selected all the High Mana cards in my Deck and just went with it. Fortunately for me, my choices were pretty good and it led me to a Dub. Here is the link to my Battle so Click Here if you want to watch y 99 Mana Cap Battle. I have no idea if this was a glitch or is this going to be a regular thing but one thing is certain that a lot of strategies are going to be shuffled around.



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