Finally a Gold Foil Naga Windmaster

in #steemit2 years ago (edited)


I have been looking to get this card for quite some time. The Naga Windmaster is a pretty useful card and is a regular in my Deck but sadly I never got a Gold Foil Version of it until now. The Naga Windmaster has the Headwinds and the Shatter Abilities both of which I love. But the cherry on top is that it also gets the Poison ability when it is maxed which makes this card a high priority for me.


If you have read my Blogs about Splinterlasnds than you know that Poison is one of my Favorite abilities in this game so yeah I am definitely looking for some more Gold Foil Naga Windmasters. So if you have any in your Collection that you are not using then you can go ahead and contact me as I will readily buy it from you if possible.




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