The Shower of Essence Orbs

in #steemitlast year


One neat thing about the new Reward Loot Chests is the fact that it gives out Essence Orbs as well which in my mind is a superb add on. Usually, I have been getting like one Orb every week or so but this time around I got myself two Essence Orbs in a single Lot. That is like 4 USD in Essence Orbs and I am loving it.


Now I do have to say that even though the Orbs itself is worth around 2 USD each I didn't get any special Cards from the Essence Orbs even though I had my Gold Foil and Legendary Potions Active. But I am still not worried at all as it's just the luck of the draw and this time luck wasn't on my side but who knows the next time might be different.