The Spirit Miner

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So it seems I got the Spirit Miner Legendary Reward Card which is worth around 1.6 USD and to be honest I am not sure what I am going to do with it. Now if this had been a Gold Foil Legendary Card than that would have been a totally different talk as that costs around 60 USD.

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A maxed out Spirit Miner has three Abilities namely Dodge, Swiftness and Blind.

Dodge increases the chance of the monster evading Melee or Ranged Attacks.

Swiftness increases the Speed of all Friendly Monsters.

Blind increases the chances of enemy Melee and Ranged attack misses.

So I am not so sure how I am going to incorporate this Legendary Card in my deck. But I will not be hasty enough to just sell this card in the Market as I will try out different approaches and see if I can incorporate this Card. The only plus point right now for me is the fact that this is a Neutral Monster which means I can use this card for any Splinter as long as the Zone is not a No Neutral Zone.



@arunava, In my opinion this is an awesome card, I've claimed it few days back and in my battles it's playing an effective role. Good luck and enjoy your Splinterlands Journey. Stay blessed.

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My friend, I saw that you wanted more cards but I can't find your comment. :=(
Could you tell me again?

I was looking for 1 GF Erin Spearmen and 6 GF Exploding Dwarf.

1 x Ettin Spearman = .59/.00069 = 855 DEC
6 x Exploding Dwarf = 6 x .6/.00069 = 6 x 870 DEC = 5220 DEC
Total = 855 + 5220 = 6075 x .9 = 5468 DEC
Favor confirmar.

Yeah sure. I will pay the same way as before daily.

It’s a pretty good card, but at that mana cost I can find better options to play most of the time.

You got a 100.00% upvote from @minnowvotes courtesy of @arunava!