5,000 Steem Powered up! (Inspired by SteemMonsters)

in #steemitlast year

My goal is to have at least 10,000 Steem powered up(maybe even 20,000), so it is nice to have passed the 50% threshold. I just powered up 1,100 Steem to get to that level.

I must say that SteemMonsters has been a big reason why I have never lost confidence in this platform. They continue to showcase to the World what a perfect setting Steem is for certain types of games and apps.

1.5 second blocks and free transactions within Steem make it possible for great games like SteemMonsters to thrive!


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So true! I remember a few months ago when you wrote that you were "all in". I agreed. Many have faded over the past two years, but I (and likely you - as I won't put words in your mouth) have seen the strong fundamentals of this platform, and now we're going strong while others lost momentum. I think that the "blockchain gaming" aspects of Steem it was got us "over the hump", because when things slowed down on the platform the smart ones of us saw the potential of @steemmonsters and used that potential to start writing regular content to get through that. Gank, I realized what you meant when you said "upgrading gold cards is expensive" when you hit that rare summoner with the "gift potion". I have since purchased two 100 (+10 free) "Obs" packs, and hit some beauties. Plus, they are earning me MASSSIVE bonus DEC per won battle, and so I am pondering buying one or two more of these packs, INSTEAD of just the "one "Orb" pack per day I have settled on. This is essentially the same as "powering up on Steem" in a way. I am also getting a little concerned about keeping all of my BTC in Coinbase, as more news seems to indicate that they are going more "mainstream", and I think I'd prefer to take a significant percentage of my holding out of there. You never know what the gubmint will do when they get their claws on stuff. Do you think it would be a good move right now to sell 0.06 BTC to buy another two 100 (+10) batches of "Orb" packs? The reason I stopped buying the 100-packs is because I wanted to buy more gradually (with my daily DEC earnings ( 2,400 DEC per pack per day - which I can then offset with rewards cards and unwanted "Orb" cards into DEC), This way conserves BTC, but reduces the pace that I hit the "legendary, "gold", and/or "gold legendary" Orbs. As of writing this comment there are 117,579 "Orbs" packs remaining, and I have noticed that they are selling at a slightly accelerated rate. Considering the factors above, In your judgement do you think I should ride it out with the "one pack per day" strategy? Perhaps I can buy one 100-pack this week, continue with the "one pack per day" and maybe buy another 100-pack next month, and each month until they sell out. I value your experiential judgement on this, which is why I'm asking you. Thanks...

It's so cool