Steemknights - The first 3D blockchain game on Steem

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Hey people,

It has been a while since I have posted something on my blog and that mainly has to do with having a super busy summer and most of 'free' time going towards a little game called Steemmonsters. I am still really much in love with this game, because it challenges my brain every day to come up the right teams and besides that it also challenges me to think about making the right moves investment-wise, which cards to buy, sell, burn, rent, etc. Sometimes it feels like an extra full (be a fun) time job and that is not always easy with a 'real' full time job running my hostel on the road and raising two kids in the mean time. Hmm, it seems I am getting a bit beside the point of my post, so I'll get back on track. This post was supposed about Steemknights.

Screenshot 20190925 at 15.40.38.png

Since I really am too curious, I was snooping around the Steemmonsters website today and something caught my attention while browsing through the upcoming events and I saw a fairly large prize pool of a 101$. Of course I clicked on the event and I got quite excited when I saw that it was actually a promo event for a brand new game on Steem that is going to be launched pretty soon (to be more precise, in two days and 20 hours). It is a free event on Steemmonsters, so don't hesitate to enter it, the first price is 300 Steem!! and you only need bronze level cards.

Screenshot 20190925 at 14.49.49.png

So, the game is called Steemknights, I don't know if that is the best name ever and they might even change it to Splinterknights ;) one day, but I looked at the website and I must say it looks quite promising. All will depend on the gameplay of course, but I love strategy games and if this is anything like Steemmonsters I am definitely going to enjoy this one. The game will be a chess like strategy game, plus it will add a 3D gameplay to the game experience, which will be a nice variation on the 2D game I have been playing so much this past year ;)

Screenshot 20190925 at 16.13.26.png

Screenshot 20190925 at 16.25.20.png

I know I probably should not start playing another game, since so much of my time already goes towards Steemmonsters, but again I am just really curious and will surely give it a go. I also think this might be another investment opportunity and if steemmonsters learned us anything, it's that being there at the start is a great thing! Plus it is really cool that despite the bear market people are still developing games on Steem and see the potential this great chain has.

Check out the game here and let me know what you think about it.

Open your account through the link above and I will reward you with some Steemmonster cards :)

All the best and see you on the battlefield (whichever one that may be...)



Naturally I was curious enough to try your link and open my account. I dont know if it went through already because it is still closed.

Ow laaawwwrd more games, where can I find the time!haha

Haha, ofc you are ;) and the more the merrier

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Btw I just learned you need to deposit 5 Steem before the launch, you will get a bonus and you can withdraw it afterwards.

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im scrolling out the page but I cant really find where to deposit?

After you logged in, you click on your profile and you can see the deposit/withdrawal option

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Im like you, No Time!! And spare time I do have is spent on Splinterlands, lol!! But I will check out the link you left to see what its all about, it certainly looks interesting enough!! Thanks for sharing, upped 💯 and resteemed.👿👍❤👹

Haha, thanks for the resteem :) I feel I need 48 hours in a day and that would probably not be enough or I would fill it with more things to do ...

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Lol, you and me both, it would be nice to just stay up 24/7 and never have to sleep, but have lots of energy! Lol🤣😂🤣😂

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Btw I just learned you need to deposit 5 Steem before the launch, you will get a bonus and you can withdraw it afterwards.

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Ok, thank you!👍

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I like testing the news I signed up with your link

Great! Do you play Steemmonsters

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yes it's my favorite game on steemit

Cool, any cards you are missing?

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no thanks,
I miss it too much to make a list lol

Hi @toocurious,

are you aware that you are upvoting the posts by @steemengineteam?
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You can counter this by either changing your upvote into a downvote everytime, or by changing your master key (e.g. on the steemit wallet).


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yeah; it's nothing too serious, just a small ongoing scam.
Personally, I just didn't like the fact that I was voting on their posts without even knowing it... So first I changed my upvotes to downvotes, and later somebody (I think it was @luegenbaron) told me to change my keys (first I checked permissions on Which was a good opportunity to sort them out...