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The Law of Success philosophy was brought to

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    the attention of the late Don R. Mellett, former
    publisher of the Canton (Ohio) Daily News, who
    formed a partnership with the author of the course and
    was preparing to resign as publisher of the Canton
    Daily News and take up the business management of
    the author's affairs when he was assassinated on July
    16, 1926.
    Prior to his death Mr. Mellett had made
    arrangements with judge Elbert H. Gary, who was then
    Chairman of the Board of the United States Steel
    Corporation, to present the Law of Success course to
    every employee of the Steel Corporation, at a total
    cost of something like $150,000.00. This plan was
    halted because of judge Gary's death, but it proves
    that the author of the Law of Success has produced an
    educational plan of an enduring nature. Judge Gary
    was eminently prepared to judge the value of such a
    course, and the fact that he analyzed the Law of
    Success philosophy and was preparing to invest the
    huge sum of $150,000.00 in it is proof of the
    soundness of all that is said in behalf of the course.
    You will observe, in this General Introduction to
    the course, a few technical terms which may not be
    plain to you. Do not allow this to bother you. Make no
    attempt at first reading to understand these terms.
    They will be plain to you after you read the remainder
    of the course. This entire Introduction is intended
    only as a background for the other fifteen lessons of
    the course, and you should read it as such. You will
    not be examined on this Introduction, but you should
    read it many times, as you will get from it at each
    reading a thought or an idea which you did not get on
    previous readings.

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