Sometimes lucky (Steemmonster investment ramble)

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It has been quite a while since I pulled a goldfoil legendary. I was already happy when I saw I got a Ruler of the Sea. When he turned golden my happiness doubled at least.

At the moment you have to pay 93$ on the market to get one. Which is quite a bit of money for a digital card.

But if you look at other games what people are willing to pay for some digital cosmetics, mounts or weapons it is not this odd.

I put quite a bit of Steem into Steemmonsters and while my account value is around 10k I could have done much better if I would have had a bit more patient and foresight.

The game was not fun for me in the beginning and the market came down, so I started selling a lot of cards which would have been way more valuable now.

When it comes to Crypto I still have a bad mindset. Daily swings can get to me. Bad news can get to me.

A couple of months ago I bought my first Magic The Gathering displays as an investment. I know I have at least wait 3 years before I can start to check the market and think about selling. I am totally fine with that.

While I know I should have a longer timeframe when I invest into BTC, Steem, Steemmonsters etc 2017 messed me up this much that I still want the lambos overnight.

Despite my mistakes I made with my little digital monster cards it has been good to me. Collecting deck, sometimes getting lucky with good pulls and delegating doubles is an ongoing thing and there is still a lot of room to grow for the game.

Having fun and learning about patience in a game....Steem is a strange but beautiful place

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I seriously regret not getting involved early on in the game. I was told and told by @mattclarke to take the plunge but didn't listen. I've always been playing catch up since then!

Like you said, when looking at other games and the prices of some of the "skins" in fortnight (women in work talk about their children spending hundreds of ££), the potential return should @steemmonsters catch on could be huge.

You listened crazy early. Imagine being on Steem, but not getting into Splinterlands until 2021.
shudder *

I still regret selling so many alphas. I am sure I would have at 3 maxed alpha decks....maybe a good lesson though.

You have to remember that the value is not there unless it's realised. Can you sell your 'Ruler' for $93 or would it be a lot less?

I have a Plabo Emberstorm Gold and it's just sitting there at $298, while everyone around me tries to undercut.

I'll just leave him there until he goes. I would love some regular Legendary summoners and can buy many with $298.

Similarly, I placed a Beta Power Leak on ebay around 4 months ago. It sold for £6.99 a few days ago. It cost me less than £1. We have to be patient.

I have another dozen Power Leak beta's. it might take me years to get rid of them at 4 months each!

I remember this card.

Yeah. The market is not very liquid and I doubt I can sell it for that price maybe it is good for trading but I will probably just hold on to it for now. I was trying to sell an almost maxed alpha flesh takers. But I dont want to buy anything at the moment either with untamed around the corner.

I just watched a video from alphainvestment were he talks about he sells maybe 1 vintage booster a month and he has a lot of reach.

It's not liquid when it comes to Gold cards, commons are not too bad but the price rockets when the rare ones come into play.

I have quite a few rare and epic ones sitting around doing nothing. It's tempting to sell if I'm not using them to play, but I'm still not sure which way the market is going.

tried renting them out yet?

Regarding the magic card that is still a pretty nice ROI for 4 months. Better than crypto. You sell a lot of singles?

@flipstar I am sure glad I got involved with Steemmonsters. If I would have not Bought Steemmonsters and Just put it all into Steempower My account would have been almost Useless Now. I think I made the Right Choices...........

Buying that gold foil LORD ARIANTHUS for $25 from me was probably one of your best.. Hahahaha

I read that post yesterday...kind of jelous :-)

Yes, looking back the monsters performed way better than Steem.

Omg! You are so lucky to get golden legendary.
I wish I had started Steemmonster in 2017.

Was pretty happy about :-)